Why Bangkok is one of the most touristic cities out there? Is it that the fact that tourists stop here on the way to or from the islands, or Bangkok provide something else, unique that attract millions of people every year?

As we see it, Bangkok is one of the most special cities out there. Part of the city is very touristic discovered and “controlled” by the tourists and the other part is absolutely local oriented. Let’s see what Bangkok has to offer:


New vs. Old

Bangkok is great example between New vs. Old, you got the very touristic areas to let’s say roads like Rama I to Sukhumvit Phrom Phong, Silom Road, Center Ratchada Rd. Those areas or districts if you will contains few of the biggest, well designed, innovative shopping malls, skyscrapers, most fashionable names store and fashionable well dressed young folks, On the other side, you can easily come across in those areas with ‘simple’ locals that will work as food stall cooks, selling lottery on bicycles, etc..some doesn’t understand a word in English and its magical.

And if you go out of center Bangkok, let’s say to Samut Prakan area in east bkk or Victory Monument area, you’ll come across local a way of life, if it’s the merchants at the markets, the food, the way the local eats, the buildings, the tempo, the smiles. Thai people known for their smiles.

Another example for old and new is the Markets in Bangkok and there are many, there are markets like Rod Fai Ratchada or JJ Green and The Camp or even The proud and Udomsuk Walk which are cool and hip and modern spots, on the other hand there are the local “hard core” crowded, very cheap markets like..well everywhere, udomsuk, saparong, and more and more.


Hotel in Bangkok

Well, you have to understand that Bkk, in general, is cheap, which means the hotels in Bangkok will be relativity cheap as well, with that being said, you have to take everything in proportions and understand that a 5 stars luxury hotel in Bangkok such as Lebua State Tower or Okura prestige Bangkok will be expensive, but if you compare them to New York, for example, the will be cheaper..well you get the idea..

Major cities like Bangkok or NYC for that matter offers all kind of hotels, actually, lots of time the hotels play a role more than just a place to lay your head but an experience. The hotel that offers views from the rooms like almost every hotel area Riverside Bangkok, Shanghai la Bangkok for example, or Baiyoke Sky Hotel at city center, tip-top service, facilities, restaurants and more..

We do believe that the way to choose a hotel in a city like Bangkok should be as one of the attractions in the city, the fact that you are booking a hotel that you really want will surely upgrade your trip.


Architecture and Roads


Almost every person who loves cities will appreciate the architecture that Bangkok has to offer, and there is no doubt that, that factor is one of the reasons that bkk is special.

We are going back to the ‘old and new’ concept, in some areas you can see the difference and its raw or sharp, for example, you can easily come across a new up-rise condominium or well-designed hotel in Bangkok, or even an office building, attached to an old train building, dirty and looks abandoned.

Also around the Riverside of Chao Phraya river, there are many skyscrapers, and in front of the hundreds years old golden temple, which makes it all very unique.

In some areas in Bangkok especially in central Bangkok, let’s say Sukhumvit which is one of the major hubs in the city, the road can be very crowded and uncomfortable to walk in, so there are ”skywalks” which located underneath the BTS Skytrain, and some connected to hotels, shopping malls, other stations, other roads, so you get the road downstairs, above it the skywalk and above it skytrain, again it’s makes it all very special.


Shopping in Bangkok


One just can’t write about this beautiful city without mentioned shopping in Bangkok. Well, it’s absolute heaven for shopping enthusiastic, let’s return to Sukhumvit road, so shopping mall after shopping mall, each more beautiful and well designed from the next, names like Siam Paragon, Terminal 21, Central World and much more.

But not just there, along Phetchaburi road, especially from Phayathai rd. To Ratchadamri rd. Especially at the corner of Ratchadamri and Phetchaburi, there, you can find two huge wholesale shopping malls and the famous Pratunam market. Further down the road, You’ll find Pantip shopping mall dedicated just for technology, you get the idea.

And one of the popular attraction in Bangkok are the fine creative markets which are all over, so if you are looking to shop in the city, check out names like Chatuchak, Rod Fai Ratchada, or Srinakarin, The Camp and more..many tourists comes to Bangkok to shop and that is a fact.


Final wards


Bangkok is special! We gathered here just a few points of why Bangkok is special, and there are more, the main reason why Bangkok is unique is the feeling, how bkk makes you feel, but that it’s individual and for another article.


Safe Trip!

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