Vembanad Lake-The 10 Reasons Tourists Love

Vembanad Lake
Scenes from Vembanad lake

Vembanad Lake also is known as Vembanad Kayal which is the biggest lake in Kerala and one of Asia’s widest lakes. The freshwater lies at sea level slumping over an area of 200 sq km which detached from the Arabian Sea by a fine barrier island. Not only this lake has its specialty, but it is also covered with other beautiful islands such as Perumbalam, Pathiramanal, and Pallippuram. All these islands are widespread backwater stretch in Kerala. Who wouldn’t love to travel this relaxing lake? It a natural beauty that encourages all to visit and experience by themselves.

Rather than using own transportation, a tourist can enjoy using public transportation as they can save money and enjoy the greenish view of the city. There are a few modes of transport. First, by train in which the closest station is the Ernakulam Railway Junction. Second is via bus, auto-rickshaw or cab where they can reach the lake from Kochi. If foreigners, the can reach Vembanad Lake from the nearest Cochin International Airport which takes about 16km to reach the destination.

 Famous for:

  • Vallam Kali

    —Is the main desirability activity of Vembanad Lake is a Snake Boat Race, popular in the district which conducted in August.

  • Backwater Cruise

    — A boat journey on the Vembanad Lake. It deals a close appearance at the life cycle in the village which is different than city lifestyle. For an example, the fishermen in their small ships in search of fish or aquatic livings using the famous Chinese fishing nets.

  • Pathiramanal

    A lovely slight island on the Vembanad Lake. This place is customary to be must visit this place as a prime vacationer spot. They can enjoy the beautiful sightseeing of the lake and captures a few moments.

Vemband Lake
A Beautiful view from Vembanad Lake

 Visiting hours of Vembanad Lake

  • Every day from 10.00am till 6.00pm.
  • The month of October to March is the best timing to visit this lake.

Duration of visit- Vembanad Lake

  •      tourist will take about 4 to 5 hours to spend time here.

 Tickets-  Vembanad Lake

  • Free for the entrance, except for the activities and boat ride conduct by the management.

Nearby restaurants- Vembanad Lake

  • Lakesong Restaurant.
  • Karimeen.
  • Tharavadu Restaurant.
  • Granary Restaurant.
  • Apam.
  • Cocobay Restaurant.

Tips and advice:

  • The place is the moist and humid place. Prepare yourself with an umbrella or caps, shades and enough mineral water.
  • Learn a few basics of Malayalam language for better communication purposes.
  • Since its lake, there is a lot of insects which make you fall sick. As a precaution, please bring ointments and insect sprays.
  • Please book a boathouse in advance to avoid the full reservation by others. The early you book, the more discounts you can enjoy.


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