Goa, a beautiful state situated on the Western side of India. The coastline lies along the Arabian Sea and is famous for its stunning beaches. It is surrounded by Maharashtra and Karnataka, and it is the smallest state of India. Goa presents a range of activities for travelers, according to their preferences.  Here are the top 10 things to do in Goa while visiting the state:

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Things To Do In Goa

1-Visit beautiful beaches

things to do in Goa

The first things to do in Goa is visiting beaches. Goa is known for it’s sun-kissed and beautiful beaches. One of these Beautiful beaches is Palolem Beach. It is often described as one of the most visited tourist spots of the state. It is a good spot to watch dolphins and their playful activities. If you need to relax, this is undoubtedly one of the most of the relaxing beaches of the state. All types of snacks are also available here, including authentic Goa snacks. Hundreds of tourists, both Indian and foreigners visit this beach every year to spend some days away from the hustle and bustle of their daily lives. One can decide to visit Baga, for its exotic beaches and exhilarating nightlife. One might book a cruise to play with the dolphins from Panaji jetty. Some of the beautiful beaches of Goa are mentioned below:

  1.  Anjuna beach
  2. Arossim Beach
  3. Calangute beach
  4. Baga beach and many more

The beaches of Northern Goa are more commercialized than their counterparts. So, if anyone wants to enjoy a calm and quiet holiday trip then South Goa should be their first choice. However, all beaches of the state are magnificent and stunning. The travelers should spend at least one night at these beaches to enjoy the nightlife of the state. The couples can also opt for a romantic photo shoot in these beaches. Travelers can also enjoy the music, snacks and Goa culture, traditions in these beaches. They can also try to spend a day learning to cook with a culinary expert. The couples can also get a massage while they are visiting Goa.

2-Take part in water sports and adventure sports

things to do in Goa

Goa is the number one destination for adventure lovers as its beaches provide a perfect opportunity to take part in adventure sports especially water sports. Professional arrangements are available and take extra caution while ensuring the safety of the travelers. Some of these sports are the best things to do in Goa.

3 -Scuba diving 

things to do in Goa

This water sport is for those who seek adventure under-water. Scuba diving is a common things to do in Goa. Tourists can enjoy an underwater world of Goa with the help of trained experts and safety arrangements. People can enjoy the beautiful marine life and the corals of the Arabian Sea. Grande Island is one of the best spots to learn scuba diving from the best experts. Training sessions are also available for the visitors, these sessions range in both price and duration. 3-Parasailing.

Parasailing is a highly energetic and enthusiastic water sport for those who want to fly over the Arabian Sea in a parachute. Baga and Arambol are some of the beaches which provide guided parasailing experience to the tourists. This time, from October to November is best for participating in parasailing every year.


The most common things to do in Goa is water sport among others is windsurfing, it is one of the most enduring sports. Donna Paula Bay among others are some of the beaches which provides excellent windsurfing equipment and includes trained people and guides to help the tourists enjoy this sport.

Along with these sports, the travelers can enjoy other sports like swimming, snorkeling, canoeing, kayaking, rowing, fishing, angling, and crab catching. The visitors can also participate in backwater kayaking and sports fishing to try the essence of Goa. However, the sport of crab catching is for someone who does not mind their hands getting dirty. Rafting is one of the popular sports of Goa Other sports includes quad bike rides and cycling too. One must try the hot air balloon ride from Assolda ground, Goa. From 9metersres high in the air, the travelers can have a wonderful panoramic view of the state. It allows the travelers to take some beautiful pictures. They can also participate in zip-lining which can be arranged according to the dates preferred by the travelers. The zip line course is a type of rigorous and fun course for the visitors. The various activities associated with this course is rope walking and net walking etc. Apart from zip lining, they can also enroll themselves in a Wing Chun Kung Fu class to train themselves. Unlike traditional Kung Fu, this class does not focus on competition, rather it focuses on street fights. One can know to defend themselves against attackers by enrolling in these classes and they will be able to stay in proper shape and stay fit.


5-Wildlife tourism

Goa proudly boasts a range of wildlife and it has many wildlife sanctuaries. Wildlife tourism is the most famous things to to in Goa. Bhagwan Mahaveer Sanctuary and Mollem National Park are the two most famous wildlife sanctuaries of Goa. These are situated near Dudhsagar Falls, another major tourist attraction in Goa. These two wildlife sanctuaries have a lot of mammals, birds, and reptiles. It also has evergreen and semi-evergreen trees and deciduous trees and it a source of water which provides water to the sanctuary for the year round. Bengal tiger, black panther, drongo, civet are some of the animals which can be seen in these sanctuaries. One can also visit the butterfly conservatory in Ponda. If one wants to take a detour from the partying mood, they can visit the beautiful town of Ponda. It is termed as one of the most beautiful places of Goa and it houses almost 133 species of beautiful butterflies. The conservatory is founded by a concerned couple who got worried about the decreasing butterfly population of Goa due to commercialization. One can also book a bird and crocodile watching tour with friends and families. One can enjoy the exotic bird life of Goa and the species of crocodiles of Goa.

6-Spice village tour

A must do tourist activity if a person wants to capture the essence of Goa and it’s cuisine. This tour would enlighten the tourists about how each of the spices is grown and their importance in the authentic cuisine. The fragrance of the spices will be enough to lift the mood of the people. A wonderful lunch will be provided on the tour. The guide knows about the area and says interesting titbits about the place. Tourists will be able to return to their homes with long-lasting memories of this trip. One can gain significant insight into the spice business. There are many spice plantations in Goa, the most famous is the Savoi Plantations. Along with the spices, coconut and betel nut are also grown here. Fruits like pineapple etc. are also grown here. Tourists can also take some of the spices with on their return journey from the plantations. Spice village tour is the best things to do in Goa. This aromatic and refreshing tour will surely enhance the spirit of the travelers. It also refreshes the mind and soul of the travelers, thus creating a long-lasting memory in their minds.

7-Dudhsagar Falls and Todo Waterfalls

A must visit and one of the most famous tourist attraction of Goa. It is situated the on Mandovi river and a four-story-high waterfall. It is a breathtaking view and calms the mind of the tourists and the adventure-seeking people loves to reach the place by trekking. The waterfall is surrounded with thick and luscious deciduous trees. It is the tallest waterfall in India, measuring 310 m in height. For trekkers, another important place to trek is To do Waterfalls. An experienced guide will conduct the tour beginning from Panjim. To-do waterfall is surrounded a by thick, luscious forest which provides a scintillating view to the trekkers. Those who love to trek, they can enjoy a trek to Udaan Dongor with their friends and family as well. The trek starts from Panjim and it is a wonderful lunch in between the trek. The rugged terrain provides satisfaction to the diehard trekkers. One can also take part in a cycling expedition at Miramar. The best time to visit Dudhsagar Falls is during monsoon when the greenery of the surroundings can soothe the eyes and minds of the trekkers. However, the tunnel which is 200 meters in length may become one of the biggest hurdles of trekking. Carrying a professional camera is necessary to capture the unique moments during the trekking.


8-Visit churches

things to do in Goa

This Portuguese occupied town boasts of various beautiful churches. Here one can experience the history of Goa, especially in Panjim. It is compared with Rome for its churches and the emotions associated with it. These churches along with history proudly boast of architectural magnificence. Especially, Basilica of Bom Jesus and Sé de Santa Catarina are the two most visited churches of Goa. Panjim is also known as Old Goa. It is also declared as World Heritage site by the UNESCO. One can get lost in the architectural magnificence of these churches. The ambiance of these churches creates a unique experience for travelers. There are many churches situated both in northern and southern beaches of Goa.


9-Visit museums and forts

By visiting museums of Goa, one can see both Hindu and Portuguese worlds, as this museum has artifact’s from both these worlds. The Archaeological Museum of Old Goa is one such museum and many visitors visit this museum every day. Another important museum to visit in Old Goa is the Naval Aviation museum among others. The museum has both Hindu and Portuguese relics, which attracts a lot of tourists. These museums do not fit the usual boring description of traditional museums. Here one can see the history of the state before their eyes. There are many forts to visit in Goa, these forts are architecturally magnificent and historically significant. They stand witness to the history of the state. The most famous fort of Goa, which attracts tons of tourists every year is Aguada Fort. It is the well-preserved and largest fort of Goa. There is fresh water spring within the fort which used to give water to the ships passing by, thus giving it it’s named. It was the most crucial fort of the Portuguese era and the most beautiful fort of the state. Visit flea markets of Anjuna beach. The best things to do in Goa areVisiting museums and forts.

The flea markets of Goa presents a lot of products to the buyers, from fashion accessories and pieces of jewelry to electronic products under one roof or better to say under the sun. One must visit the Anjuna beach to visit these interesting markets. As it was occupied by the Portuguese, one can also see some traditional Portuguese artifacts as well. If you are a shopaholic, then it is the best place for you. Even if you are not, but you want to buy a memoir of Goa, you can get it from these markets. It also provides authentic Goan and Portuguese dishes and gets a tattoo. Anjuna is a beautiful beach and it also has a magnificent church, named St. Michael’s Church which is constructed in the honor of St. Miguel. Some other famous flea markets of Goa are Ingo’s Saturday Night Bazaar and Mackie’s Saturday Night Bazaar. The flea markets are generally held in Wednesday while Ingo’s Saturday Night Bazaar is held on Saturday.  Oceanic Yoga school of Anjuna provides a way to the travelers to fight with the stress of their daily lives.

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Book a cruise ship to watch the scintillating view of the sunset on river Mondovi, the most beautiful river of the state. Here one can experience the Goa culture along with calm and serene weather. It also provides an opportunity for couples to get a romantic getaway. One can enjoy Goa dishes and live Goa culture, as artists perform live performances throughout the duration of the cruise. You will definitely get lost in the beautiful view and will not understand how time flies during the hour-long cruise. Cruising is a famous best  things to do in Goa.  These cruises embark on their journey from Santa Monica pier, which is situated beside the beautiful river. The cruises are arranged by the tourism department and the two cruise ships are named Santa Monica and Shanta Durga. According to visitors, cruising is one of the best experience of visiting Goa. One can book a luxury cruise on the river Mondovi or the magnificent Arabian Sea. Or one can book a yacht and get a customized tour experience on the Arabian Sea with a classy breakfast, where it will be served to you with a glass of champagne or sparkling wine. This is a rather new concept so one can indulge themselves in something new. Or you can book a romantic candlelight dinner for your loved ones. One can also book a speedboat and participate in snorkeling and fishing. One can plan a party in the luxury yachts as well. The couples who visit Goa for their honeymoon can also spend a candlelit dinner on a shikara to enjoy their romance. Houseboat tours also provide an elegant view of the evening and night skies of Goa. The visitors can also enjoy delicious foods while viewing these skies. These activities will surely wash away the daily worries from the minds of the tourists. Cruising should be at the top of your list of things to do in Goa.

11-Participate in festivities and gambling

things to do in Goa

Goa is known for its glamorous parties and its festivities, especially Christmas, New Year’s and carnivals. Except for these occasions, parties with DJ, snacks etc. held for birthdays, anniversaries and special occasions too.

There are many things to do in Goa. The carnivals are colorful, joyful expression and are fun to watch. It is a riot of fun and people laughing, singing and dancing. The parties held on Christmas and New Year are lovely full of fun, food, drinks, music, and games.

These parties are kids and family friendly, and a must-do activity for the travelers. The carnivals are generally held during February, and it celebrates the concept of brotherhood among people of different backgrounds and coming from different areas of the world. Towns like Vasco, Ponda are some of the towns through which the carnival travels during the month of February.

Another must-do activity in Goa is gambling, yes gambling. Do not be so shocked, it is legal in Goa, unlike other Indian states. The most famous and most visited casino in Goa is Casino Royale.

Casino Royal is the most famous things to do in goa.  It is open for 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The most common games played in this casino is roulette, Baccarat, and other similar games. The casino also has kid-friendly computer games, so you can be assured about your children. This casino also houses all the tournament games with 50 gaming tables.

If you are interested in enjoying a party but do not want to create a ruckus, then a silent party is for you. Here, you can enjoy all the enjoyments of a party especially music, but in your headphones. You can still dance to the tunes of the music the DJ is playing. Silent partying is a rising trend on the beaches of Goa.




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