Top 5-Haunted places in Gujarat- Will Shake Your Head To Toe


Haunted places In Gujarat

It’s always amazing to visit places that have mind blowing sceneries and also those that give you a relaxing getaway from a casual life.

You might come across many such places in India, which are always occupied with families for holidays or even newlywed couples who come looking for the best honeymoon spot.

keeping the fact in mind that traveling and witnessing beautiful and captivating places would be on anybody’s bucket list.

But have you ever come across the adventurous and risk-takers who love to visit haunted places that excite them inside out?

Well, if you love to visit haunted places yourself or even if you have such a ghost loving friend, then these 5– haunted places in Gujarat will shake your head to toe!

Either you would love it and would be thankful for the suggestion, or you will regret visiting these places and would never utter the phrase “Haunted places”

Whatever the case, today I will acquaint you with the top 5 haunted places in Gujarat, India. So let’s begin with the spooky journey:

  1. Dumas beach, located in Surat:

haunted places in Gujarat
Dumas beach-haunted places in Gujarat

This place is ranked at the top of the most haunted places in Gujrat. You will be scared, even b the look of it!

Heading 21 km away from the city Surat, the color of the sand on this beach is black, this beach is known to have a mysterious past.

The people living around this place claim that this beach was an ancient cremation Hindu ground. They believe that the sand mixed with the ash has this color.

This place is often visited by college students and adventure lovers and is surely one of the most haunted places in Gujarat!

Many people claim that they have heard clangors of laughter and felt the presence of ghosts around them. This place gives people chills.

The ghosts have known to fulfill people’s mortal wishes—and now those ghosts roam around the beach openly.

Many people have witnessed strange things/happening on the beach. Some people who visited this place didn’t even return from the beach.

It is strictly forbidden to visit this place after the sun sets, as well it would be a friendly suggestion not to visit this place all alone!

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  1. GTU campus, in Ahmedabad:

haunted places in Gujarat
GTU campus-haunted places in Gujarat

It is not necessary that only abandoned places are haunted.

Many places that are full of hustle bustle and presence of people can also haunt you like anything! The next haunted place in Gujarat is the Gujarat Technological University.

Not a single person, but many students, staff, and employees believe that the campus is haunted by a woman who tries to make people feel her existence.

Not only when it’s dark or less occupied but also during the busy working hours.

As reported, the people who travel in elevator claim that they feel the presence of a woman standing next to them, even when they are traveling alone.

The furniture at the campus is also thrown in the air by an unseen force.

The windows and doors open and close by themselves, without the presence of winds! It is believed that the presence of a ghost woman is responsible for all the happenings.

People there are freaked out, that is why this place is counted as one of the most haunted places in Gujrat.

  1. Rajkot Road, Bagodara:

haunted places in Gujarat
Rajkot Road-haunted places in Gujarat

A road that connects Ahmadabad and Rajkot, is a much smaller place but it has caught the attention of many because of the haunted happenings there.

Many mishaps and accidents have been reported, that have occurred all of a sudden.

The accidents that occurred were ruled out by experts and certain reasons were given behind—but later they were proved to be wrong.

Instead, it is believed that some haunting presence is behind all the mishaps and happenings in a great number there.

Being one of the most haunted places of Gujarat, the stretch between Bagodara and Limdi is claimed to be haunted because often the accidents happen there—as if the attention of drivers is diverted suddenly while driving which results in massive accidents.

Many drivers have claimed that they feel chills down there spine when they cross that way, and even women beggars appear and suddenly disappear as soon as they get closer.

The victims of the accident often die or result in serious injuries. After knowing this, would you be crossing this road ever?

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  1. Signature farm in Ahmedabad:

haunted places in Gujarat
Signature farm-haunted places in Gujarat

When talking about haunted places in Gujrat, Signature farm in Ahmedabad is one of the five most haunted places there.

Due to the lack of human presence, and no mobile signals, people experience a weird aura when they visit this farm.

The building is believed to have some mysterious past.

This place is very scary to visit even when during the daytime.

 It’s surprising for people to witness statues that are broken in half by some unknown force, as it is not possible in breaking them without machinery.

After sunset people claimed that they heard the sound of horses galloping in their direction (even when nothing and no horses were present nearby).

People living in the village nearby claim that the place was the center of the mass massacre a long time ago.

Possibly they are still present and are responsible for all the happenings.

  1. Avadh palace in Rajkot:

haunted places in Gujarat
Avadh palace in Rajkot-haunted places in Gujarat

Another story of the most haunted places in Gujarat is the Avadh Palace which always has been an unoccupied mansion.

Surprisingly, no one has the exact idea about who really owns it—probably, some royal family long ago.

There are many vicious and disturbing reasons due to which people do not even attempt to come close to this Palace.

Some locals, living nearby believe that long ago a girl was gang-raped, murdered and burnt in this mansion.

It is believed that her spirit haunts this Palace in search of revenge—whoever dares to enter this Palace remains extremely terrified.

That is why no one dares to enter this Palace. It is highly suggested not to go to this Palace alone or after sunset. Have some company with yourself even if you dare to!

The real challenge is, would you have the courage to visit any of these haunted places in Gujarat?



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