Top 30 Places to Visit Near Pune in Monsoon

places to visit near pune in monsoon

This article aims to guide you through the mesmerizing places to visit near pune in monsoon that come alive during the monsoon season. From the breathtaking landscapes of the Western Ghats to the majestic forts steeped in history, and from the cascading waterfalls to the tranquil hill stations, there is something for everyone to explore and experience. Let’s dive into the natural wonders that await you near Pune.

Pune, located in the western state of Maharashtra, experiences a significant and vibrant monsoon season. The city and its surrounding regions transform into a lush green paradise during this time, offering a plethora of natural wonders and cultural experiences to explore. In this article, we will take you on a journey through the monsoon delights near Pune, highlighting the must-visit places that encapsulate the beauty and charm of this season.

Exploring the Western Ghats

places to visit near pune in monsoon

A. Introduction to the Western Ghats as a popular monsoon destination

The Western Ghats, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, stretch along the western coast of India, encompassing a vast expanse of lush forests, rolling hills, and picturesque valleys. This mountain range is a haven for biodiversity and acts as a barrier for the monsoon winds, resulting in heavy rainfall and a refreshing climate. The Western Ghats offer a perfect retreat for nature lovers during the monsoon season.

B. Description of the lush green landscapes and scenic beauty

As the monsoon showers drench the Western Ghats, they come alive with vibrant shades of green. The dense forests become a paradise for flora and fauna, showcasing an incredible diversity of plants, birds, and animals. The mist-covered peaks, gushing streams, and cascading waterfalls add to the ethereal beauty of the region.

C. Highlighting popular attractions within the Western Ghats, such as:

  1. Lonavala and Khandala: Nestled amidst the Sahyadri Mountains, Lonavala and Khandala offer panoramic views, serene lakes, and enchanting valleys. The monsoon transforms these hill stations into a mystical wonderland, with numerous waterfalls dotting the landscape.
  2. Matheran: Known for its toy train and breathtaking viewpoints, Matheran is a quaint hill station that captivates visitors with its old-world charm. The monsoon brings life to its dense forests, making it an ideal destination for nature walks and treks.
  3. Mahabaleshwar: Famous for its strawberry farms and misty valleys, Mahabaleshwar is a popular getaway during the monsoon. The region boasts splendid viewpoints, verdant hills, and the mesmerizing Lingmala Waterfall.
  4. Panchgani: Located at an altitude of 1,334 meters, Panchgani offers magnificent views of the surrounding valleys and the Krishna River. The monsoon breathes new life into this hill station, adorning it with carpets of wildflowers and lush greenery.

 Waterfalls and their Charm

places to visit near pune in monsoon

A. Introduction to the allure of waterfalls during the monsoon

Waterfalls hold a special charm during the monsoon season. The cascading water, thundering down from great heights, creates a mesmerizing spectacle. The sound of the water and the cool mist in the air make waterfalls an irresistible attraction near Pune.

B. Highlighting prominent waterfalls near Pune, including:

  1. Thoseghar Waterfalls: Located around 65 kilometers from Pune, Thoseghar Waterfalls is a magnificent sight to behold. The roaring water plunges into a deep gorge, surrounded by lush green forests, offering a breathtaking view.
  2. Bhaja Falls: Situated near the famous Bhaja Caves, Bhaja Falls is a hidden gem in the Sahyadri Mountains. The picturesque setting and the serene ambiance make it an ideal spot for a tranquil retreat.
  3. Lingmala Falls: Nestled in the lap of Mahabaleshwar, Lingmala Falls is known for its two-tiered cascades. The falls are at their majestic best during the monsoon, with the mist rising from the base, creating a mystical atmosphere.
  4. Kune Falls: Kune Falls, located in the Lonavala-Khandala region, is one of the highest waterfalls in Maharashtra. The three-tiered waterfall provides a stunning backdrop for nature enthusiasts and photographers.

Hill Stations and Serenity

places to visit near pune in monsoon

A. Description of the tranquility and beauty of hill stations in the monsoon

Hill stations near Pune offer a serene escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. The monsoon adds an extra layer of charm to these destinations, enhancing their natural beauty and providing a peaceful environment.

B. Discussing popular hill stations near Pune, such as:

  1. Lavasa: Modeled after an Italian town, Lavasa is a picturesque hill station near Pune. With its well-designed infrastructure, scenic lakeside views, and lush green surroundings, Lavasa is an ideal retreat for a peaceful monsoon getaway.
  2. Amboli: Situated in the Sahyadri Hills, Amboli is known as the “Queen of Maharashtra’s Hill Stations.” Its mist-covered valleys, dense forests, and gushing waterfalls make it a paradise for nature lovers.
  3. Rajmachi: Located at the base of the Western Ghats, Rajmachi is a quaint village that offers panoramic views of the Sahyadri Mountains. Trekking to Rajmachi during the monsoon is a popular activity, allowing visitors to experience the region’s natural beauty up close.
  4. Tamhini Ghat: Tamhini Ghat, a mountain pass in the Western Ghats, is renowned for its scenic drive and captivating vistas. The dense fog, green meadows, and numerous waterfalls make it a delightful monsoon destination.

 Forts and History

places to visit near pune in monsoon

A. Introduction to historical forts and their significance near Pune

The region around Pune is rich in historical forts that hold tales of valor and architectural brilliance. These forts offer a glimpse into the region’s rich heritage and provide panoramic views of the surrounding landscapes.

B. Exploring noteworthy forts to visit during the monsoon, including:

  1. Sinhagad Fort: Perched atop a hill, Sinhagad Fort has witnessed many significant events in Maratha history. The fort’s strategic location and panoramic views make it a popular destination for history enthusiasts and nature lovers alike.
  2. Lohagad Fort: Lohagad Fort, meaning “Iron Fort,” stands tall amidst the Sahyadri Mountains. Its formidable structure and historical significance attract visitors from far and wide, especially during the monsoon when the surroundings are enveloped in mist.
  3. Raigad Fort: Situated near Mahad, Raigad Fort holds great historical importance as the capital of the Maratha Empire under Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. The fort’s majestic architecture and panoramic views make it a must-visit destination during the monsoon.
  4. Shivneri Fort: Known as the birthplace of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, Shivneri Fort stands as a symbol of Maratha pride. Its rugged terrain, ancient caves, and historical significance attract history enthusiasts and nature lovers alike.

Adventure Activities in Nature

places to visit near pune in monsoon

A. Highlighting adventure opportunities amidst the monsoon landscapes

The monsoon season opens up thrilling adventure opportunities for adrenaline junkies. The Western Ghats and the surrounding regions offer a plethora of activities to satiate your adventurous spirit.

B. Discussing activities like:

  1. Trekking: The lush green hills and mist-covered trails during the monsoon make trekking a popular activity near Pune. Adventure enthusiasts can embark on treks to various forts, waterfalls, and hill stations to experience the thrill of exploring nature.
  2. River rafting: The monsoon brings life to the rivers near Pune, providing ideal conditions for river rafting. Adventure seekers can enjoy the adrenaline rush as they navigate through the gushing rapids and picturesque landscapes.
  3. Camping: Setting up camps amidst nature is an excellent way to immerse oneself in the monsoon ambiance. The soothing sound of rain, the fresh aroma of wet earth, and the starry skies create a magical experience for campers.
  4. Wildlife safaris: The monsoon rejuvenates the forests near Pune, attracting a diverse range of wildlife. Wildlife safaris offer a chance to spot exotic species and observe their natural habitat during this vibrant season.

 Gastronomic Delights

places to visit near pune in monsoon

A. Mentioning local monsoon delicacies and their appeal

The monsoon season brings with it a unique culinary experience, with local delicacies that tantalize the taste buds. Pune and its surrounding regions offer a delectable array of monsoon treats that reflect the rich flavors of the region.

B. Suggesting must-try dishes and where to find them in the region

  1. Kanda Bhaji: These deep-fried onion fritters are a monsoon favorite in Pune. They are crispy on the outside, soft on the inside, and best enjoyed with a hot cup of tea. You can find them at local street stalls and tea shops.
  2. Vada Pav: A quintessential street food of Maharashtra, Vada Pav consists of a spicy potato fritter sandwiched between a soft bun. It is a popular snack that can be found at various food stalls and local eateries in Pune.
  3. Bhutta: Roasted corn on the cob, known as “Bhutta,” is a monsoon delicacy that is enjoyed by locals and visitors alike. You can find vendors selling roasted corn at popular tourist spots and street markets.
  4. Misal Pav: A spicy curry made with sprouted lentils, topped with farsan (crunchy toppings), and served with pav (bread), Misal Pav is a flavorsome dish that is synonymous with Pune. Many local eateries and restaurants serve this iconic dish.

 Safety Precautions

places to visit near pune in monsoon

A. Offering tips for a safe and enjoyable monsoon trip

While exploring the monsoon destinations near Pune, it is essential to prioritize safety and take necessary precautions. Here are a few tips to ensure a safe and enjoyable trip:

  1. Check weather conditions: Before embarking on your journey, keep a close eye on weather forecasts to avoid any potential risks. Heavy rainfall may result in landslides or road closures, so plan your trip accordingly.
  2. Pack appropriate clothing: Carry lightweight rain gear, umbrellas, and waterproof footwear to protect yourself from the rain and slippery terrain. It is advisable to wear comfortable clothing that dries quickly.
  3. Stay updated on road conditions: Due to the monsoon, some roads may become impassable or unsafe. Stay updated on road conditions and plan your routes accordingly. Avoid driving through waterlogged areas or areas prone to flooding.
  4. Inform someone about your itinerary: Before heading out, inform a family member or friend about your travel plans and share your itinerary with them. This ensures that someone knows your whereabouts and can assist in case of any emergencies.


The monsoon season unveils a world of natural wonders near Pune, offering a diverse range of experiences for every traveler. From the majestic Western Ghats to the captivating waterfalls, serene hill stations, historical forts, adventure activities, and gastronomic delights, the region has something to offer to everyone.


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