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Maldives is not only one of the most beautiful places on the planet but it is also a hub housing a variety of interesting attractions as well as activities, which will keep you entertained and engaged throughout your stay.

If you are a history buff or a curious soul, then surely you would have researched at least a bit about Maldives and if you have done so, then the name National Museum will not be a foreign thing for your ears, after all, the National Museum in Male is one of the top attractions of Maldives. Located in the Sultan Park, it is a three – story museum which was established long back in 1950s in order to preserve the history as well as culture of the country and also to instil a sense of patriotism among the natives of Maldives.

For witnessing some of the quirkier relics you can search more about underwater Maldives National Museum information which comprises of the famous underwater cabinet meeting held in 2009 under President Nasheed.

Are you curious about the National Museum and want to know more about it? If yes, then we have listed down the top 10 things which you must know about this amazing place. Continue reading!

  1. A Gift from China:

    Located in the Sultan Park, which once upon a time was a part of the 17th century Maldivian Royal Palace compound site, the National is a structure made up of steel and glass. Completed recently by the year 2010, the museum was built and financed by the Chinese government as a kind of gift to the country from China under a bilateral agreement.

  2. Building:

    The complex of the National Museum comprises of two large buildings which are separated by Sultan’s Park. It is a three – story building of the Edwardian colonial style in the old palace grounds across the from the gold – domed Islamic Centre. The new building of the museum is a sort of conversion of the old palace, but now a structure made up of steel and glass. There is a beautiful garden park which surrounds the museum complex where the locals can sit, relax and escape the chaos of the city.

  3. Interiors:

    The National Museum boasts of featuring interiors which have been retained from long back in the history, from the days dating back to the period of Sultanate. One can even see the handwritten Qur’an engraved on the walls of the building. The museum is also known to host an exhibition of 120 Maldivian legal deeds or faiykolhu and other official documents as well which date long back to the years of 1600s to around 1930s.

  4. Collection of the Royals:

    The National Museum is a home to a vast collection of incredible and unique artifacts as well as relics from the foregone pre-Islamic period era such as ceremonial robes, royal sunshades, headgear, furniture, thrones and palanquins which were used by the sultans. There are several other objects belonging to the Sultans in the museum including the costumes as well as the ornaments worn by the kings and queens, paper and cloth manuscripts and so on.

  5. Objects of Maldives

    Historical Importance: One can know a lot about the history of Maldives from the anthropological artifacts and stone items of the pre-Islamic period of Maldives. The museum also houses photographs of important personalities of Maldives and several other articles which showcase the past of Maldives. You can also see here the first printing press used by Maldives, a replica of the pen which was used to sign the ‘Declaration of Independence’ from the British Empire and some images of important political events as well.

  6. Important Excavated Items:

    The National Museum of Maldives is a proud home to the rifle used by Mohamed Thakurufaanu when he fought against the Portuguese in the 16th century and age – old canons from history. There are some excavated things from temples, some broken pieces of Buddhist and Hindu idols and beautiful lacquer work boxes in the museum too.

  7. History of National Museum:

    It is the country’s first national museum which was established on the National Day of Maldives and was opened by Mohamed Amin Didi, the Prime Minister. The museum has witnessed a lot of destruction and damage to some of its prized possessions when the riots broke out in the country in 2012. Though once a prey to the mob of some religious extremists, today the museum stands proudly preserving some precious treasure of history.

  8. Architecture:

    The National Museum is broadly divided in two buildings- the new and the old building. It was after the year 1968 when the palace fire broke out, that majority part of the magnificent palace was destroyed. The old building has interiors from the olden days while the new building was designed, financed and built by the Chinese Government.

  9. How to Reach:

    Since the museum is located in Male, the capital city of Maldives, access to the National Museum is quite easy. You can go easily go by the public transport including buses and taxes. If you go by bus, the Sultan Park Bus Station is the nearest bus stop to the museum.

  10. Timings:

    You can visit this amazing museum on any day except Friday as it is closed then. The opening time duration of the National Museum are from 10:00 in the morning till 4:00 in the evening. The National Museum Maldives price of the ticket varies from MVR 100 to MVR 20 for adults and children respectively.

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