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From breathtaking landscapes and riveting places for a luscious cup of tea, the street food in Bangalore is a delight for all the travelers and the food enthusiasts alike. The serene city of Bangalore, located in the southern region of India, engulfs India’s opulent street food history.

The Best Street food Places  in Bangalore embellishes plethora of delicious cuisines, blended with modern blueprints of food & coffee. One can travel around through BMTC, the local bus service or by renting a bike or self-driven car in Bangalore.

The street food is both ecstatic and congenial, serving as a perfect place to be with your pals or families. And if you’re someone who’s closely rooted with the Indian street food, then settle yourself to be charmed by the euphoric feels of Bangalore. You must be wondering where are these places, and why haven’t I visited them? Well, pipe down your dilemma and leaf through the list to know more about the best street food places in Bangalore.

best street food places in bangalore 

VV Puram Food Street

Topping the list with its appetizing starters and delightful North Indian cuisines blended with a great mix of love and exceptional flavors is VV Puram food street. The place corresponds to the  traditional north Indian food, and the owner has left no stone unturned to compliment your inner foodie. The menu is latched with Dosa, Pav bhaji and other north Indian cuisines.

The tangy flavors are in perfect tune with the traditional Indian meal. The food is perfect, and if you’re a spice lover then they are willing to top your meal with some green chilies but be sure of yourself before asking for it.

My Recommendation– Dal Holige and Gulkand

Shri Nagar- Malleshwaram

Pipeline interiors coupled with delicious food and support racks to keep the food on display, the place is a perfect place to spend your afternoons. The place is knitted with several delectable servings including butter chicken and other south Indian food like Idli, Kesribath, poori safe among others. The place is economical and won’t burn a hole in your pocket. If you’re out on a date, or wish to hang out with friends, then make sure to check this out!


Sri Sairam’s Chats And Juice- Malleshwaram

An ideal place to dine at! Lying in the vicinity of CTR on Margosa Road, this lowkey place with both outdoor and indoor seating is surely going to dazzle you with its calm ambiance. The place is articulately designed and offers a different range of chats that you may have never heard before to bounce up your inhibitions. You will find wafers chat, disco chat, crazy masala chat, chips masala, and several other dishes to delight your taste bud. The tempting food chats of this place is a must-try for both travelers and locals alike.

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Shivaji Nagar

As you might have guessed, the place is popular for its non-veg food. If you’re a big-time non-veg lover, then head over to Shivaji Nagar without wasting any further time. The place is vibrant, and you can find anything that your stomach desires.

From the delicious mutton kebabs to beef to chicken samosa, you can never run out of option here. Also, make sure you taste the delicious idiyappam and kebab when you pay a visit to them.

Brahmin’s Coffebar Basmangudi

The place is covered with coolness and operates by the motto of being relaxed all the time. The place should not be addressed as your traditional food eatery, as it has its own sporty and fun vibe to it. With heavenly dishes like idli, vadas, and other south Indian cuisines the street food eatery is a haven for all the foodies out there.

Though they only have five items on their menu, they strive to serve the most delicious version of them in the entire city. Visit the cafe with your closest pals or friends at any time you want, and be sure to go there empty stomach.

Khan Saheb Grills And Rolls- Indiranagar

If you’re craving for some delicious veg or non-veg food, then there cannot be anything more perfect than this place. Located in the ground floor of the Shri Shiva Sai Complex, the place serves the most mouth-watering rolls and grilled food at very reasonable prices.

The eatery is a heaven for all the food lovers out there, who are in search for some authentic dishes of India. Make sure to taste the paneer mushroom, baby corn, tikka roll, mutton Buna among others. And I’m sure that you won’t be disappointed by the looks of it!

Al Amanah Cafe- Kammanahali

Famous for its savory dishes, the cafe is filled accommodates a massive crowd who come here to satisfy their hungry belly. The cafe is mostly known for its unique rolls, filled with flavorsome spices and delicious fillings.

The cafe offers a variety of rolls inclusive of chicken, mutton, veg, sandwiches among others. Don’t worry about busting your pocket because the cafe is economical and prices are set at reasonable rates.

best street food places in bangalore

The silicon valley of India is not just popular for its color or culture, but also for its mouth-watering and sumptuous delicacies. Doesn’t matter if you’re a local or a tourist, veg or non-veg, the city contains some of the best street food places in Bangalore to satisfy everyone’s need. Indian street food has

Something which can tickle with your taste buds. So, if you’re a true foodie who wishes to have a true insight into the Indian culture, then don’t forget to visit the places mentioned in the list.

The lively Best street Food Places in  Bangalore would surely captivate you with its food offerings!


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