Okhla Bird Sanctuary Noida Timings and Entry Fee

Okhla Bird Sanctuary Noida

If you’re a nature lover and find solace in the company of chirping birds and lush greenery, the Okhla Bird Sanctuary in Noida is a must-visit destination. This article will take you on a detailed journey through this avian paradise, and we’ll also delve into the essential information regarding Okhla Bird Sanctuary timings, ticket rates, and the best times to visit.

Okhla Bird Sanctuary

The Okhla Bird Sanctuary is a haven for migratory and resident birds. Spread across a sprawling 4 square kilometers, it offers a serene escape from the hustle and bustle of Noida. The sanctuary is a protected haven for numerous bird species, making it a significant ecological treasure in the National Capital Region.

Okhla Bird Sanctuary Noida

Location and History

The sanctuary is strategically located at the intersection of Noida and Delhi and is easily accessible. Established in 1990, it was declared a bird sanctuary in 1991. The lush vegetation and wetlands create the perfect habitat for birds, attracting them from various parts of the world.

Biodiversity at Okhla Bird Sanctuary Noida

The sanctuary boasts a diverse avian population. From the majestic Brahminy Kite to the colorful Kingfisher, it’s a birder’s paradise. Spotting exotic species like the Northern Pintail, Spot-billed Duck, and the stunning Black-winged Stilt is a common occurrence here. The wetlands also attract several reptiles, butterflies, and insects.

Okhla Bird Sanctuary Noida

Importance of Conservation

Conservation plays a pivotal role in preserving the sanctuary’s unique ecosystem. The wetlands and mangroves not only provide refuge for birds but also contribute to maintaining the ecological balance in the region.

Bird Watching at the Sanctuary

Okhla Bird Sanctuary offers a thrilling bird-watching experience. Bird enthusiasts and photographers flock here during the migratory season, armed with binoculars and cameras, hoping to catch a glimpse of some rare avian visitors.

Flora and Fauna

Besides its diverse bird population, the sanctuary houses rich flora and fauna. The vast expanse of water bodies is surrounded by lush greenery and dense forests, providing a captivating landscape.

Okhla Bird Sanctuary Noida

Ecotourism Opportunities

Visitors can explore nature trails and observatories within the sanctuary. Interpretation centers and educational programs are also available to enhance your understanding of the local ecology.

Okhla Bird Sanctuary Noida Timings and Entry Fee

  • The sanctuary is open for visitors from 7 AM to 4:30 PM.
  • The entry fee is quite nominal, with Indian nationals paying INR 30 and foreign nationals INR 350. Children below 5 years can enter for free.

Best Time to Visit

The sanctuary is open throughout the year, but the best time to visit is between November and March when migratory birds from as far as Siberia and Central Asia make it their temporary home.

How to Reach Okhla Bird Sanctuary

Located in the Gautam Buddh Nagar district of Uttar Pradesh, the sanctuary is easily accessible via road and metro. The nearest metro station is the Noida Sector-18 station.

Facilities for Visitors

The sanctuary provides basic amenities like parking, clean washrooms, and a cafeteria to satisfy your hunger after an exciting day of bird-watching.

Threats and Challenges

Despite being a protected area, the sanctuary faces challenges such as pollution and habitat degradation. Conservation efforts are essential to maintain this ecological gem.

Conservation Efforts

Various organizations and government agencies are actively involved in the conservation of the sanctuary. Efforts are ongoing to protect the wetlands and the wildlife that call this place home.


The Okhla Bird Sanctuary in Noida offers a unique and captivating experience for nature enthusiasts and bird lovers. With its rich biodiversity and serene ambiance, it’s a perfect getaway for a day of exploration and relaxation. So, don’t miss the opportunity to explore this natural haven.


1. Is photography allowed in Okhla Bird Sanctuary?

Yes, photography is allowed in the sanctuary, and it’s a great place for capturing stunning bird photographs.

2. Are guided tours available for visitors?

Yes, guided tours are available at the sanctuary to enhance your bird-watching experience.

3. Can I bring my own food to the sanctuary?

While there is a cafeteria, you can bring your own food and enjoy a picnic in designated areas.

4. Is the sanctuary accessible to differently-abled individuals?

Yes, the sanctuary is accessible to differently-abled individuals, and efforts have been made to ensure inclusivity.

5. Are there any specific guidelines for bird-watching at Okhla Bird Sanctuary?

Visitors are advised to maintain silence, avoid littering, and follow the rules and guidelines to ensure minimal disturbance to the avian residents.

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