Best Place to visit in the City of Lake- Nainital

Nainital is a wonderful hill station with a delightful scene in Uttarakhand. It is located at an elevation of 1,938 meters above ocean level. Some time ago, it used to be a well-known summer withdraw of the English ( British).  Also known as  “City of Lakes” as it is surrounded by the lakes. There is a lake called Naini Lake which is world famous. There is a sanctuary devoted to the goddess Naina too in Nainital.


Places to visit:

The major vacationer spots of Nainital are Naini Lake, Naina Devi Sanctuary, Tiffin Top and so on. They arrange Naina Devi Sanctuary in the northern side of the Naini Lake, the sanctuary is devoted to Sati and called as the Naina Devi sanctuary. Naina Pinnacle is known by the name of  China or Cheena Pinnacle. It is the most astounding crest in the town, with an elevation of 2,615 meters and is at a mobile separation of 6 km from the north end of the town Mallital. Naini Lake is one of the real attractions in Nainital, it likewise called as  Naini Taal.

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Tiffin Top:


Tiffin Best or Dorothy’s Seat is a terraced ridge on Ayarpatta slope, which is a 4 km climb from the town focus and gives a decent perspective of the lovely slope. You can appreciate the surroundings of Tiffin Top with a hot Maggi and soup and treasure the excellent recollections made. Visitors can also visit Bhimtal, which is the biggest lake in Nainital.

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Shopping Area

Candels- Nainital

The Mall road Shopping center street, Bara Bazar, and Tibetan Market are the primary malls. Try not to miss to purchase candles and stick sticks from Bara Bazar. The other customary purchases incorporate scarves, shawls, woodcrafts, cardigans et center. The Bara  Bazaar in Mallital region likewise houses a lot of eateries, which serve great sustenance at less expensive rates. You can likewise purchase arranged jams, squashes, and neighborhood juices.

Nainital is an excellent slope station that offers a few vacations destinations and touring spots to appreciate an essential time far from the hurrying a round of city life. An awe-inspiring occasion spot with a rich fortune of lakes and slopes, Nainital is a goal for the youthful and the old alike.

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Major Attractions:-

  • Naini Lake

Naini Lake- Nainital
Naini Lake
  • Tiffin Point ( Dorothy’s Seat)

Tiffin Point ( Dorothy’s Seat)- Nainital
Tiffin Point
  • St. John  In the Wilderness

St. John  In the Wilderness- Nainital
St. John  In the Wilderness
  • Pt. G. B Pant High Attitude zoo

Pt. G. B Pant High Attitude zoo-nainital
Pt. G. B Pant High Attitude zoo
  • Gurney House

Gurney House-Nainital

                                                                  Gurney House


  • Snow view

Snow view- Nainital
Snow view
  • Land’s Lake

Land’s Lake- Nainital
Land’s Lake
  • Kilbury  Bird Sanctuary

Kilbury  Bird Sanctuary- Nainital
Kilbury  Bird Sanctuary
  • ECO Cave Gardens

ECO Cave Gardens- Nainital
ECO Cave Gardens

 Best Session For Visit:-

April- June, Sep- Nov

 Nearest Airport:-

Pantnagar -71 Km

Nearest Railway Station:-

Kathgodam- 35 Km


Connected by motorable roads

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  1. Awesome place to visit. Weather is cool and in Dec and January snowfall and fun game with family was the unforgettable moment. Thanks for the information provided.

  2. The city of the lake in the UK is a very mesmerizing place to visit. During winter time one can play with snow and snowfall. Market place is awesome to visit and some of the artifact ones can take home. Nice blog.

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