Top 3 Places To Visit In Meerut

Meerut is close to the National Capital Delhi and is a significant old city of India. The city is also an important town and is the biggest producer of melodic instruments and sporting properties in India. The settlement in the zone go back to the Indus Valley Civilization and the city has called as Hastinapur in the antiquated epic Mahabharata. This city was likewise an essential focal point of Buddhism amid the Mauryan Empire. Meerut has three important places that have become the most visited places by the tourist.



Nearby Transportation:

  • By Air:

Delhi International airport is the nearby airport to the city. There is air travel that flies too and from this domestic airport joining it to all the main towns of the country and abroad. There are regular trips available from this airport and private cabs are also available from the airport to reach.

  • By Road:

It links Meerut with the metropolises like Delhi (70 km), Chandigarh (250 km), Agra (267 km), Kanpur (405 km), Jhansi (432 km) and Varanasi (725 km) through well laid down roads. Busses track by Uttar Pradesh State Road Transport offer an appropriate trip to the tourists and resolve the inquiry of how to reach.

  • By Train:

Meerut Cantonment station deceits on the hectic Delhi-Dehradun link of the Northern Central Railway and is the finest method to reach Meerut. There are regular train facilities that attach this urban to all the main capitals of the government and the nation.


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Augharnath  Mandir

Augharnath  Mandir- Meerut
Augharnath  Mandir

The Augharnath Mandir in Meerut is given to Lord Shiva. Augharnath  Mandir temple has recorded significance as the primary war of freedom of India was seen here. The genuine date or year of the arrangement of the sanctuary is not known yet they trust it that the ‘Shiva linga’ in the temple appeared with no one else deals with a supernatural occurrence of God and hence pulls in loads of devotees.

A previous couple of years, it has made a few changes in the sanctuary. In 1968, developed another sanctuary, and it supplanted the architecture. At 1987, another hexagonal atrium was made there and in 2001, a ‘Kalash’ (pitcher) produced using 4.5 kg of gold was introduced at that point.

Famous for:

  • Ancient architecture and monuments.
  • Golden chariot takes place during festivals.

Visiting hours:

  • 6.00am -8.30pm.
  • Best seasons are February, March, October, November, December.

Duration of visits:

  •     Devotees will take half an hour or an hour to visit the temple.


  • Free.

Nearby Attraction:

  • Gandhi Bagh.
  • Basilica of Our Lady of Graces.
  • St. John’s Church.

 Nearby Restaurants:

  • Pappi Dhadha.
  • Crystal Palace.
  • Indiana.
  • Olivia.


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Hastinapur is an antiquated town. which was the treasure to the superb stories of the epic Mahabharata. Which was on the banks of Ganga close Meeru.  Hastinapur is said the origination place of three Jain Tirthankara, and it has turned into an essential focus of journey for the Jains.
Furthermore, It was the capital of Kauravas.  It was constructed by the Pandavas in the wake of winning the Mahabharata. The city has tagged along far yet it is as yet known as the town of Mahabharata From that period to this.

It is intriguing in its own particular manner and as it has survived ages; it has likewise kept the soul of folklore alive. Apart from that, each niche and corner of the city has been a piece of it somehow and along these lines, local people have interesting stories to share. There are attractive places to visit in Hastinapur such as Ashtapad, Wildlife Sanctuary, Shastri Nagar and many more.

Famous for:

  • Mahabharata stories and the creation in it.
  • Ancient time designs that attract peoples’ attention.

Visiting hours:

  • Any time except for a few tourist places that have the standard visiting hour from 10 am to 6 pm.
  • The best months to visit from January, February, November, and December.

Duration of hours:

  • Approximately, 1 to 2 hours for each place as there are many other places to visit.


Free of charge, except for few places and activities that require admission tickets.

Nearby Restaurant:

  • Om Sweet & Bakers
  • Jain Marwari Bhoj& Restaurant.
  • Recipes Restaurant.


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St John’s Church

St John’s Church- Meerut
St John’s Church

The John’s Church in Meerut was developed in the midst of 1819-1821. It is the most seasoned church in Northern India and was working amid the British provincial time frame. It is developed as a perfect work of art of design. There is a burial ground close to the congregation which has the graves of the British individuals and their families who were killed amid the revolt of 1857.

John’s Church wooden has a seat and kneeled’s metal falcon podium, a marble baptistery, and recolored glass windows all go back almost two centuries. Another antique that draws the attention of the guests is the multiyear (200) old non-utilitarian pipe organ.

It has howls to supply air to the organ. British works with the congregation in the style of English church design which has an expansive open space for generating.

Famous for:

  • The structure of the building complies with a style that a large portion of the English church of worship used to take after before the Gothic Revival.
  • A peaceful and relaxing environment that gives a fresh aura to the visitors.

 Visiting hours:

  • The English Sunday Service is held each morning and the timings for normal Sunday benefit is 8.30 a.m. amid summers and 9.30 a.m. amid winters.
  • On the events of Easter, Christmas or New Year the timings for the administration is 10 a.m.

 Duration of visits:

  • One hour or more depends on the crowds during festive seasons of particular months.


  • Free entry

Nearby Attraction:

  • Augarnath Mandir
  • Gandhi Bagh
  • The Shopprix Mall

Nearby Restaurant:

  • Dugout Sports Café
  • Delhi Darbar Restaurant
  • Barbeque Nation

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