kharagpur bus stand time table

Kharagpur, a bustling town in West Bengal, India, is well-known for its educational institutions, industries, and vibrant culture. One crucial aspect of any town’s infrastructure is its public transportation system, and the Kharagpur Bus Stand plays a pivotal role in connecting residents and visitors to various destinations. In this article, we will delve into the Kharagpur Bus Stand time table, exploring its significance, the routes it serves, and how it simplifies commuting for the people of Kharagpur.

Navigating Kharagpur’s Urban Jungle

Kharagpur’s rapid urbanization has led to increased mobility needs for its inhabitants. The Kharagpur Bus Stand, located strategically in the heart of the town, serves as a lifeline, connecting different parts of the town and its neighboring areas. Let’s take a closer look at its operational aspects.

kharagpur bus stand time table

Kharagpur Bus Stand Time Table

| Time | Route | Bus Number | Destination |
| 06:00 AM| Local 1 | KGP-101 | Kharagpur Center |
| 06:30 AM| Local 2 | KGP-102 | Kharagpur Station |
| 07:00 AM| Local 3 | KGP-103 | IIT Kharagpur |
| 07:30 AM| Local 4 | KGP-104 | Malancha |
| 08:00 AM| Local 5 | KGP-105 | Gol Bazar |
| 08:30 AM| Local 6 | KGP-106 | Medinipur |
| 09:00 AM| Local 7 | KGP-107 | Pingla |
| 10:00 AM| Inter-City | KGP-201 | Kolkata |
| 11:00 AM| Inter-City | KGP-202 | Midnapore |
| 12:00 PM| Inter-City | KGP-203 | Haldia |
| 01:00 PM| Long-Dist | KGP-301 | Darjeeling |
| 02:00 PM| Long-Dist | KGP-302 | Varanasi |
| 03:00 PM| Long-Dist | KGP-303 | Puri |
| 04:00 PM| Inter-City | KGP-204 | Digha |
| 05:00 PM| Inter-City | KGP-205 | Howrah |
| 06:00 PM| Local 8 | KGP-108 | Tech Park |

The Importance of a Reliable Time Table

A well-structured time table is essential for an efficient bus stand. The Kharagpur Bus Stand’s time table not only aids passengers in planning their journeys but also ensures that buses run on schedule, reducing wait times and congestion.

Understanding the Routes

kharagpur bus stand time table

The Kharagpur Bus Stand boasts an extensive network of routes catering to various destinations. These routes are designed to serve the diverse needs of the town’s residents and commuters.

Local Routes

For daily commuters within Kharagpur, the bus stand offers a range of local routes. These routes connect residential areas, markets, and educational institutions, making it convenient for students and office-goers.

Inter-City Connectivity

Kharagpur’s strategic location makes it a transportation hub for travelers. The bus stand provides connections to neighboring cities, including Kolkata, Midnapore, and Haldia, facilitating seamless inter-city travel.

Long-Distance Travel

For those looking to explore West Bengal and beyond, the Kharagpur Bus Stand also offers long-distance routes. Whether you’re heading to the serene hills of Darjeeling or the historic city of Varanasi, the bus stand has you covered.

kharagpur bus stand time table

Simplifying Commuting

The Kharagpur Bus Stand’s time table simplifies commuting for residents in various ways:

Reduced Wait Times

By adhering to a well-planned schedule, buses arrive and depart promptly, reducing the time passengers spend waiting at the bus stand.

Enhanced Planning

Passengers can plan their journeys in advance, knowing the exact departure and arrival times. This level of predictability is a boon for daily commuters.


The bus stand’s central location ensures accessibility for a large portion of Kharagpur’s population, promoting the use of public transportation.


In conclusion, the Kharagpur Bus Stand time table is not just a set of schedules; it is the backbone of the town’s transportation system. It facilitates efficient, convenient, and hassle-free commuting for residents and travelers alike. As Kharagpur continues to grow, the time table’s importance will only become more pronounced, ensuring that the town remains well-connected and accessible.

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