Kasol Distance from Delhi: Best Routes and Travel Time

kasol distance from delhi

Getting to Kasol from Delhi

A Scenic Road Trip

The journey from Delhi to Kasol by road is a breathtaking experience. Driving through the majestic mountains of Himachal Pradesh, you’ll witness cascading waterfalls, lush valleys, and charming villages. The distance by road is approximately 518 kilometers, and it takes around 12-14 hours to reach Kasol, depending on traffic and road conditions.

Opting for the Rail Route

For those who prefer train travel, you can take a train from New Delhi to Chandigarh, which is the nearest major railway station to Kasol. From Chandigarh, you can hire a cab or take a bus to cover the remaining distance. The train journey offers scenic views of the countryside and is a comfortable option for travelers.

kasol distance from delhi

Taking the Aerial Route

If you’re short on time and prefer a quicker mode of transportation, you can book a flight from Delhi to Kullu-Manali Airport. From Kullu, Kasol is approximately a 30-40 kilometers drive. This option is convenient but may be more expensive compared to other modes of travel.

Delhi to Kasol Travel Distance

Distance by Road

The driving distance from Delhi to Kasol is approximately 518 kilometers via NH44. This route offers a mix of smooth highways and winding mountain roads, making it a memorable road trip for adventure seekers.

Distance by Train

The rail distance from New Delhi to Chandigarh, the nearest major railway station to Kasol, is around 245 kilometers. From Chandigarh, you’ll need to cover the remaining distance by road.

Distance by Air

By air, the distance from Delhi to Kullu-Manali Airport is roughly 400 kilometers. After landing in Kullu, you can hire a cab or take a bus to reach Kasol.

kasol distance from delhi

Best Routes and Travel Time

Via NH44: The Highway Adventure

Traveling via NH44 offers a scenic route that includes stops at picturesque towns like Mandi and Kullu. The journey takes approximately 12-14 hours, depending on road conditions and stops.

Exploring Kasol via Manali

If you’re an adventure enthusiast, consider traveling to Kasol via Manali. While the distance may be slightly longer, the scenic beauty and adventure opportunities along the way are worth it.

The Mesmerizing Shimla Route

Another captivating route is via Shimla, which adds a touch of colonial charm to your journey. The distance from Delhi to Kasol via Shimla is around 575 kilometers.

Adventure on Two Wheels: Bike Trip

For thrill-seekers, a bike trip from Delhi to Kasol is an exhilarating option. It offers flexibility and a chance to explore remote areas. Ensure you have proper safety gear and bike maintenance.

kasol distance from delhi

Driving Distance to Kasol from Delhi

kasol distance from delhi

Choosing the Perfect Vehicle

When planning a road trip to Kasol, select a vehicle that suits your comfort and can handle mountain terrain. SUVs and hatchbacks are popular choices for this journey.

Pit Stops and Scenic Views

The route from Delhi to Kasol offers numerous pit stops for refreshments and sightseeing. Don’t miss the chance to capture the scenic beauty and local culture along the way.

Exploring Kasol from Delhi Airport

kasol distance from delhi

A Convenient Air Journey

Flying to Kullu-Manali Airport from Delhi is the quickest way to reach Kasol. The airport is well-connected, and you can easily find transportation options to reach Kasol.

Traveling from Delhi to Kasol by Bus

kasol distance from delhi

A Budget-Friendly Option

If you’re traveling on a budget, several bus operators offer services from Delhi to Kasol. The journey takes approximately 14-16 hours, and buses are equipped with comfortable seating.

Timings and Operators

Bus timings and operators vary, so it’s advisable to book your tickets in advance to secure your preferred schedule and seat.

Kasol Distance from Delhi in Kilometers and Miles

Metric vs. Imperial

The distance from Delhi to Kasol is approximately 518 kilometers or 322 miles, depending on your preferred unit of measurement.

Understanding the Measurement

Whether you think in kilometers or miles, rest assured that Kasol’s natural beauty awaits you, making the journey memorable regardless of the distance.

Kasol Route Distance from Delhi

Maps and Navigation

Before embarking on your journey, ensure you have reliable maps and navigation tools to help you navigate the winding roads and diverse landscapes.

Must-See Places on the Way

Make the most of your trip by exploring nearby attractions like Manikaran, Kullu, and Manali, which offer unique experiences and breathtaking vistas.


Kasol, with its surreal beauty and tranquil ambiance, beckons travelers from Delhi and beyond. Whether you choose to embark on a scenic road trip, a train journey, or a quick flight, the destination promises an unforgettable experience. Pack your bags, plan your route, and get ready to explore the enchanting world of Kasol.

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