How To Shower While Camping


Bathing or showering is really very important for every human. Though bath and shower are two different words and scientifically their benefits are different but the basic benefit is the same. The main reasons behind taking the bath and shower are personal hygiene, relaxing our mind and cleaning our body. Not only these, but showering also helps us to stimulate weight loss, relieve depression, improve immunity and circulation, etc. In the summer days, we take shower 2 to 3 times a day but in the winter we take shower 4-5 times in a week. We should take a shower at least once a day. When we are in a home or hotel, we can take a shower easily but it is difficult to take a shower while we are shower in camping. In this article, I have discussed how to take a shower while camping.

Best Methods of Showering or Bathing While Camping:

Here, in this part of this article, I have discussed the best effective methods of showering while camping. Though there are a lot of methods, I have recommended three methods as the best methods. The methods are River bath, Sponge bath, and the backpacking shower. Let’s discuss the methods briefly.

  • River Bath:

One of the best methods to refreshing yourself in a simple manner. This method is getting popular day by day because of its simplices. No equipment is needed for a river bath. This method is as simple as can be. Just strip your daily clothes and take a t-shirt or a swimsuit and jump into the river. On hot and sunny days, this is a great and refreshing option for maintaining your personal hygiene while camping. One this must be remembered that if you don’t know swimming then you should go to a river with those who swim very well and you should stay at your safe zone means to stay there where you can save yourself. Though the river bath is the most refreshing method it is also dangerous for those who cannot swim.

  • Sponge Bath:

If you are in love with the simplicity of the river bath but you want the extra squeaky-clean feeling of washing up with soap then sponge bath may fulfill your demand. It is also a simple and effective method. Here, you will need some equipment and you must follow some simple steps. The needed things are a pot filled with water, a stove, a towel or sponge, and some biodegradable soap. First of all, heat up the water on the stove. Once, the water is nice warm but not too hot, off the stove and take the warm water, soap, and towel to clean yourself. You can use this method as a full body sponge bath or you can use this method to clan the problem spots like armpits, groin, and back of the knees. If you want to simplify things, even more, you can do this with cold water, which saves both fuel and time. When you’re done, be sure to dispose of any leftover soapy wash water away from lakes and streams. By this method, you can get extra clean while camping.

  • Backpacking Shower:

One of the best methods of showering while camping. This method will make you feel that you are taking a real shower. Don’t think that you need to carry the entire shower from your home, there are a lot of companies that make backpack shower devices. It is nothing but a large bag with a shower cock. These bags are filled up with water, hang from a tree or tall object, and use gravity to create the water pressure you need to feel like you’re showering. The bags are really hygiene. If you like to take a shower with cold water then it is easy, just fill the bag with water and take the shower. If you want to take shower with warm water then you don’t need to use a stove or oven, just fill the bag with water and put in on the sun and after some time you can enjoy the shower. It’s really a great method which will make you feel that you are in your home and using your own shower.

These are some useful methods for showering while camping. Now we will talk about the best places to shower for cheap while camping. You can also read about best camping, water filters while camping if you want to drink purified water while traveling.

Shower While Camping

Best Places to shower for cheap while camping:

At the time of camping, in the summer, bathing is not a big deal. You can take a bath in the river, lake or mountain stream but in the winter the water of the river, lake or fountain is very cold and it is really difficult to take a bath and hygiene yourself. In this part of this article, I have discussed some places where you can take a shower at a cheap price.

  • Recreation Centers:

It is a little difficult to find out the best recreation center or gyms but nowadays it will not take more time to find out the best center. If you are a long time camping then you can purchase a membership by investing only 15-20 USD per month. By taking the membership you can also access the exercise room of that gym as well as the shower room. If you are not in a long time camping and you don’t want to spend money in a monthly subscription then you can take the daily pass by just investing only 3-4 USD.

  • Gear Shops:

This one was a little surprising to me too. Several popular camping destinations such as Joshua Tree and Zion National Park have local gear shops that offer inexpensive, timed showers. It is a little bit odd place among all the places. But in the winter you will find that this place as one of the best places for the people who are in camping.

  • State or National Park Campgrounds:

Larger national parks such as Yosemite and The Grand Canyon offer timed showers at some of their campgrounds for around $5 per person and typically utilize a token system. State parks such as Smith Rock State Park in Oregon offer timed showers that can be purchased at the campground fee area. Some national park campgrounds do not allow persons for a day means they do not allow others than the persons who are camping inside the campgrounds.

These are some places which are best for winters. These places offer you the most comfortable water for your bath at a cheap cost.

As we know that when we are not in our home, hygiene is most important and by taking a shower we hygiene ourselves. At the time of showering, you must check whether the water of the river, lake or that resource from where you will take water to bath s clean or not. I the water is not clean enough, it will better if you don’t bath because it will make you dirtier instead of cleaning you.

Hope, this article will help you a lot. Enjoy the shower in your camp. Thanks for reading this & have a great day.

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