How to Get Tourist Visa for Dubai from India


Dubai is a place most Indians are familiar with, as the majority population of Dubai are citizens of India. Also, it is a preferred holiday destination for most Indians as it is a short flight from India to Dubai (3 hours) and also because it has some amazing attractions. However, Indians do need to get a Dubai or UAE visa before they travel to the city or the country of UAE. The good news is that Dubai or UAE accepts evisa or electronic visa. In short, you do not have to wait at the Consulate to get your visa approved. You can fill the application, submit the documents and pay the visa fee in the comfort of your home. Also, you can hire a visa agent or agency to do the work for you. In a way, getting a tourist visa for Dubai from India is quite easy.

What is the Process of Applying for Dubai Visa from India?

As you would be applying for the tourist visa online, you need to get scanned copies of all the documents, including your passport and photograph. You have to make sure that the documents are scanned properly and clearly. Here is what you have to do to get your online Dubai visa.

Application Form: The first thing to do is download the visa application form available online. You have to fill the form completely and correctly. Make sure the details on your passport (like name, address, date of birth, etc.) are correctly copied on the application form. Any error, even a small one like a misplaced letter or spelling, can cause rejection of your visa application. So, do not fill the form in haste. Take your time while doing it.

Passport: Amongst all the documents you need to submit with your visa application form, your passport is surely the most important. The first thing to check is whether your passport has at least six months validity from the time you reach Dubai for your visit. If not, you need to renew your passport before applying for a UAE visa. You have to provide colored scanned copies of the first and last pages of your passport. If you have visited Dubai or UAE before, you have to submit the scanned copy of the exit stamp on your visa. Black and white copies of the passport would be rejected and also if the passport is a handwritten one.

Documents Needed: Apart from the passport, there is a list of other documents that you need to submit for your UAE visa application.

  • Your recent colored, passport-size photograph. The photo should have a white background. Refrain from wearing spectacles or any kind of headgear. (Headgear for religious reasons is acceptable).
  • Confirmed return air tickets have to be submitted along with your application form.
  • You have to submit your guarantor’s (friend or family member) documents which include the scanned copy of his or her passport and residential visa. A security cheque of AED 5500 should also be provided (this is refundable once you exit Dubai or UAE on time).
  • If you do not have a guarantor in Dubai, you have to submit proof of your confirmed hotel booking in Dubai or any of the Emirates.
  • You may also have to submit a cheque of AED 5500 as a security deposit (which is reimbursed once you exit the UAE). However, families are exempted from making this deposit.

Visa Fee: You get your valid UAE visa only once you make the payment. The visa fee would depend on various factors. Dubai visa is available for 14 days, 30 days and 90 days. Except for the 14 days visa, the other two visas are available for single entry and multiple entry visa. You can apply for any one of these as per your requirement. The 14 days visit visa Dubai fees would range anywhere from AED 295- AED 350. The Dubai visit visa charges for 1 month (30 days) would be between AED 340 to AED 950. Moreover, the Dubai visit visa charges for 3 months would be somewhere between AED 800 to AED 2200. You can make the payment of the required amount through your debit or credit card.

After Submission

Once you have submitted the documents and made the payment, you would receive your Dubai evisa within 3 working days. The visa will arrive on your email and you have to take a print out of the same and show it at the airport before check-in. Also, you have to forward the visa to your airline to get an Ok to Board against your flight ticket. The airline verifies your visa and marks Ok to Board on your PNR important. Without an Ok to Board sign, you would not be allowed to board the plane.

Dubai Visa on Arrival for Indians

Although it has been established that Indian passport holders need a visa to enter Dubai, there is an exception to this rule. From May 01 2017, Indian citizens who have a valid US visa or green card are granted visa on arrival in the UAE. It is a 14 days visa which can be extended for the same period, but only once. You have to make sure that your passport has 6 months validity from the time you enter Dubai. You also have to pay a visa on arrival fee of AED 100. To extend this visa, you would have to pay AED 250.

Hope this article has cleared all your questions and doubts about getting a Dubai tourist visa for Indians. If you follow all the rules correctly, you would receive your UAE visa soon and would be able to fly to Dubai or any other Emirate city as soon as possible.

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