India’s First Floating Post Office In Dal Lake, Srinagar

floating post-office
floating post-office

Srinagar is the capital of J&K. In Srinagar, there is one famous lake known as Dal lake. Dal Lake is the cleanest and famous lake. The floating post-office on world famous Dal Lake, Srinagar is a must visit place for tourists who come to see the beauty of Kashmir.

The post office is the first floating post office in the world. Nowadays this floating post office at Dal lake is the major attraction of tourist. The tourism increasing yearly.

The floating post-office was called Nehru Park post-office which existed since the British rule but in 2011, John Samuel – then the Postmaster General of J&K revived it changing its name and purpose. Chief Minister Omar Abdullah inaugurated first floating post office on August 2011.

The present post-office dwells in a houseboat and is a non-delivery post office but people living in and around the Dal Lake area can send their post letters through this floating post office.

 “Letters posted from this post office carry a special cover which depicts the beauty of Kashmir which helps in promoting tourism and beauty of Kashmir”.

It has a different type of stamp.

Floating Post Office
Floating Post Office

Apart from that, this post office is a philately museum, a bank and you can also find books related to or published by the postal department. Packing material for big parcels is also available here. This floating post-office open from 10 am to 6 pm throughout the week during the tourist season. This floating post-office will going be a postal bank and will host an ATM also as per the officials.


Don’t miss to send the post from this floating post office to your loved ones.

Opening Hours:

10 AM

Closing Hours:

6: PM

Nearest Airport:

Sheikh UI Alam International Airport Srinagar.

By road/ train:

Take a taxi to Dalgate.

 Cost of Shikara boat:

200-300 INR per person

 Nearby restaurant:

  • Nathu Sweets
  • Lhasa Restaurant
  • Kareem’s Restaurant
  • Shamya Restaurant

Nearby Hotels:

  • Kashmir Mahal Resort
  • Hotel Brown Palace
  • Hotel Sunshine
  • Hotel Zamrud


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  1. This is really cool looking Post Office one of a kind. I will probably never get to see it in person but the picture makes it look amazing. My question is does it ever flood there?

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