Dehradun to Mussoorie Bus Route, Ticket, Booking, Timing

Dehradun to Mussoorie Bus

If you’re planning a visit to the picturesque hill station of Mussoorie from Dehradun, you’re in for a treat. This article provides a comprehensive guide on how to make the most of your journey from Dehradun to Mussoorie via the bus route. We will delve into all the essential details, options, and tips to ensure a smooth and enjoyable trip.

The Dehradun to Mussoorie Bus Route

The route from Dehradun to Mussoorie is a scenic journey that takes you through the lush and green hills of Uttarakhand. Mussoorie, often referred to as the “Queen of the Hills,” is a popular destination for nature lovers and adventure enthusiasts. To embark on this journey, you have several options, including state-run buses and private services.

Dehradun to Mussoorie

State-Run Buses

Uttarakhand Roadways: Dehradun to Mussoorie

Uttarakhand Roadways is the primary state-run bus service that connects Dehradun to Mussoorie. These buses offer a cost-effective and reliable way to reach Mussoorie. Here are some key points to keep in mind when considering this option:

  • Frequency: The buses run at regular intervals throughout the day, ensuring you have flexibility in choosing your departure time.
  • Starting Point: Most of these buses start their journey from Dehradun’s main bus terminal, ISBT Dehradun.
  • Fare: The fare for this journey is affordable, making it an excellent choice for budget travelers.
  • Duration: The journey typically takes around 1.5 to 2 hours, depending on traffic and road conditions.

Dehradun to Mussoorie Bus timing along with Timings:

Bus Operator Departure Time Departure Point Arrival Time Arrival Point
Uttarakhand Roadways 6:00 AM ISBT Dehradun 7:30 AM Library Bus Stand
Uttarakhand Roadways 8:00 AM ISBT Dehradun 9:30 AM Library Bus Stand
Uttarakhand Roadways 10:00 AM ISBT Dehradun 11:30 AM Library Bus Stand
Private Bus Service 7:30 AM Various Pickup Points 9:00 AM Library Bus Stand
Private Bus Service 9:30 AM Various Pickup Points 11:00 AM Library Bus Stand
Private Bus Service 11:30 AM Various Pickup Points 1:00 PM Library Bus Stand

Please note that these timings are subject to change, so it’s advisable to check with the respective bus operators for the most up-to-date information and to confirm the departure and arrival points.

Dehradun to Mussoorie Booking and Tickets

Booking your ticket for a state-run bus is relatively straightforward. You can purchase tickets at the ISBT Dehradun or book them online through the official Uttarakhand Roadways website. It’s advisable to book your tickets in advance, especially during the peak tourist season.

Dehradun to Mussoorie Private Bus Services

Apart from state-run buses, there are several private bus services that operate between Dehradun and Mussoorie. These private services offer a bit more comfort and convenience and can be a great option if you prefer a more personalized experience.

Features of Private Bus Services

  • Comfort: Private buses often provide more comfortable seating and amenities like air conditioning.
  • Pickup Points: Depending on the service, you may have multiple pickup points within Dehradun, giving you added convenience.
  • Fare: The fare for private buses can vary, so it’s a good idea to check different operators for the best deals.
  • Duration: The travel time on private buses is similar to state-run buses, taking around 1.5 to 2 hours.

Tips for a Pleasant Journey

To make your Dehradun to Mussoorie bus journey as enjoyable as possible, consider these tips:

  1. Pack Essentials: Make sure to bring essentials like water, snacks, and some warm clothing, as the weather in Mussoorie can be cooler than Dehradun due to its higher elevation.
  2. Check the Weather: Before you embark on your journey, it’s a good idea to check the weather forecast for Mussoorie. This will help you pack accordingly and plan your activities.
  3. Stay Updated: Keep an eye on the bus schedule and any updates or changes in departure times. Arriving at the bus stop a bit early is a wise move.
  4. Respect Nature: While in Mussoorie, be a responsible tourist and help maintain the natural beauty of this hill station. Dispose of your trash properly and respect the local environment.


Traveling from Dehradun to Mussoorie by bus is a delightful experience, offering breathtaking views and a smooth journey. Whether you choose the state-run buses for budget-friendly travel or the private services for added comfort, the scenic beauty of Mussoorie awaits you. Make sure to plan your trip well, follow our tips, and get ready to explore this charming hill station in all its glory. Safe travels!

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