Buying the Best Gifts for Basketball Players & Lovers

Basketball Players

Basketball is a rather popular sport that is played in most parts of the world. It is played by people from different age groups and demands a lot of physical energy. In fact, some physical trainers believe that playing basketball can give you a proper cardio workout if played the right way in a team. It is usually seen that when it comes to giving something to a person, better stick to an item that the recipient will like and can also use in his normal life. For example, if you give a pair of shoes to a person who is unable to walk, then it will make no sense.

Is someone in your family or your friends’ circle a basketball lover? Are you planning to give him something that he will like, but do not know what? It is true that trying to buy a proper item to gift a basketball player can be a tiring job. Here are some ideas that you can try as a gifting item for the basketball player.

Agility Ladder and Cones: Basketball players have to remain agile and active all the time in order to play the sport properly. They have to train for long hours in order to be in proper shape. Thus, you can definitely try gifting an agility ladder and cones to the basketball player. It is needless to say that using an agility ladder and cones can elevate your training in drills. These prove to be especially good if you wish to train in a non-gym setting.

Basketball Shorts: When it comes to a basketball player, he is never short of basketball shorts. You will never come across such a sports player complaining that he has too many pairs of shorts. Thus, gifting a pair will not be a bad idea. In fact, if there is any favorite team, then you can opt for shorts that either highlight the team color or the team logo. This idea will surely workout all the time.

Socks: If you are short of time and do not wish to spend a lot of time thinking about the right gift item for a basketball player, the easiest gifting idea would be basketball socks. These are universal in sizing and also a necessity.

Knee and Arm Sleeves: Basketball players often take a tumble on the court. A rough fall can even injure their elbows or knees. You will find several basketball players wearing knee and arm sleeves to protect these areas of their bodies. However, there are some who wear such accessories just for the feel or style while playing basketball. If the player in question often tends to end up on the floor, gifting such sleeves will not be a bad idea.

Basketballs: Gifting a basketball to a basketball player – certainly not a bad idea. If the idea of giving a simple basketball seems weird to you, then you may certainly opt for a customized one. You can get the name of the player or even your name printed on the ball. Depending on where the player normally practices, you may either gift an indoor or an outdoor composite ball or a leather ball.

Backpack: Basketball players have to move around with quite a few items related to their sport. These include shoes, clothes, basketball, socks, and arm and knee sleeves and so on. Carrying all of these without a proper carrying bag can be a tedious task. Thus, gifting a backpack with all the right compartments inside and sufficient space will be a great gifting idea.

Rebounding Net: It may not be possible to go to the nearby court to play basketball. Thus, having your own personal arrangement in your backyard will be a good idea. Keeping this in mind, you can give a rebounding net to a basketball player. This will give a nice basketball court setup and with a net behind the hoop, it will help catch any stray balls with ease. This is basically a rebounding system and also happens to be a primary fashion. It can also prove to be important for safety rather than functionality.

Tickets to an NBA/WNBA Game: Sometimes nonmaterialistic gifts can also prove to be useful. Instead of gifting basketball accessories, you may give a ticket to a WNBA or NBA game to a basketball player or lover of the sport. It will not just bring a smile on the person’s face; it will also prove to be a place where he can learn more about the game.

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