Brutal Force Supplements: Better Than Steroids? [Review]

Brutal Force Supplements

Brutal Force are an online supplement manufacturer that are experts in producing ‘legal steroids’ or ‘steroid alternatives’. 

Anabolic steroids are taken by so many men and women today, however their health is also declining; whether that be in the short or long-term. 

Now, gym rats are turning towards other, safer supplements, in order to make gains. 

Steroid alternatives are marketed to replicate the results of steroids, but without the side effects. 

Some may say this sounds too good to be true, however many positive reviews have been published online from customers who have tried them. 

Although it’s uncertain whether steroid alternatives will work for everyone, or recreate the muscle and strength gains of real steroids — what we do know is that they have many advantages (compared to going down the dark path). 

Brutal Force Benefits 

  • 100% legal 
  • Safe (no side effects)
  • No prescription needed 
  • Legit company
  • No PCT required 

100% Legal 

Firstly, anabolic steroids are illegal unless the person has a prescription from a doctor.

The problem with this is — doctors only typically prescribe steroids unless the person is suffering from a muscle-wasting disease. 

It isn’t like back in the 70’s where you could just walk into the doctor’s office and say you want dianabol and deca durabolin (those were the days). The days of taking steroids legally for cosmetic purposes is over. 

However, steroid alternatives from Brutal Force are 100% legal and won’t get you thrown in a jail cell. Despite them being legal, such products are also discreetly packaged in case people get the wrong idea. 

Obviously no prescription is needed from a doctor either when buying from Brutal Force — you can simply place an order online from their website. 

100% Safe (No Side Effects)

All of Brutal Force’s supplements are subject to FDA regulation, and unless they are approved; they don’t go in the supplements. All Brutal Force products are pills in bottles — and thus there’s no risk with administration (which is contrary to steroids, potentially being fatal if injected incorrectly). 

Women can also take steroid alternatives without having the worry of turning into a man. With steroids, females have to be very cautious about which compounds they take and how much. Generally, because women experience masculinization from steroids, most will only take anavar. 

Although steroid alternatives are safe for men and women to take, some sensitive users may experience some acute negative effects (which will be the case with any supplement). 

Legit Company 

The main problem when buying steroids is you can never fully trust a dealer. Why? Because they are criminals. 

Thus, new dealers may spike your steroids, or sell you placebos. 

If you find a good dealer, they may get greedy over time and reduce the purity. 

Most steroid pills on the black market are scams, thus rightly so buyers are worried about wasting their money. 

This is a big plus when buying steroid alternatives from Brutal Force, as they are a very transparent company; listing as much contact information as possible. 

This way you can communicate with them easily and quickly, plus if the company ever were to act poorly to customers — they’d be easy to report. You will find that shady companies are constantly trying to hide their identity — however Brutal Force is the opposite. 

No PCT Required 

Some people believe taking steroids regularly is affordable, however many people find out the opposite to be true; especially when cycling expensive compounds such as anavar or primobolan. 

Also the additional costs of taking blood pressure support, liver support, PCT supplements and others — can leave a hole in your pocket. 

With Brutal Force’s steroid alternatives, because they don’t tax the body and are safe; there’s no need to take such supplements. A PCT also isn’t required as their supplements do not lower testosterone levels; thus you will feel strong physically and mentally after supplementation ceases. In comparison, steroids can leave you feeling weak mentally and physically for months after. 


Are steroid alternatives better than anabolic steroids? In terms of results, they may fall short. However, there’s only one winner when weighing up the potential gains vs side effects. 

The side effects of steroids are dangerous, and only steroid-users would argue that. We advise all readers to stay safe and first experiment with safe and legal supplements from reputable retailers (such as Brutal Force). 


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