Mumbai, the city of seven islands, also known as the “alpha world city”, is the wealthiest city, and trade and commerce capital of Indian subcontinent. If you are on a trip to Mumbai, maybe for the first time or as part of your routine visit, must never miss the chance of getting into the places to visit in Mumbai. Mumbai, besides the present eminence, has historical, archeological, science and technological, cultural, and other significant evidence, sites, and places which attract millions of travelers or visitors from a different walk of life across the world. The origin of places in Mumbai dates back to South Asian Stone Age and then evolving through 3rd century BC with famous Asoka Empire, passing through British rule in India, has left innumerable evidence and places of socio-political and cultural eminence that it never ends once you start witnessing one after one center of tourist attraction. Whether alone or with others, you will not only like but really enjoy while going around the best places to visit in Mumbai with friends. This article will help you to get an overall understanding of Mumbai. Along with assisting you to prepare a list of places to visit in Mumbai.


Mumbai-through a historical perspective:

As stated earlier, Mumbai has been originated around seven islands namely (1) Old Woman’s Island popularly known as “Little Colaba”, (2) Isles of Bombay, (3) Worli, (4)Parel, (5) Colaba, (6) Mazagaon, and (7) Mahim. Archeological evidence proves that the inhabitation in these island dates back to prehistoric South Asian Stone Age. It is speculated that prior to Common Era the Koli fisher community came to settle down here.


As the history advances Mumbai became an integral part of Asoka rule the greatest Magadhan emperor in the 3rd century BC. As Buddhism got the royal patronage of Asoka the great, Mumbai still witnesses Buddhist monuments in Borivali caves. You will like to get around these places to visit in Mumbai.

Around 150 BC Greek geographer Ptolemy named the place “Heptanesia” in Greek meaning “the land of seven islands”. In course of time, these lands of seven islands came under the rule of a number of different dynasties till 13th century AD when King Bhimdev established his supremacy over the others and ensured a stable rule on the land. The Delhi Sultanate then took over Mumbai in 1347 and ruled the area under Delhi Sultanate till 1407, and after that Mumbai was ruled by independent Gujarat Sultanate. Some of the spectacular monuments that we see today in Mumbai were built by the powerful Gujarat Sultanate. One of the Gujarat Sultanate constructions was the Haji Ali Dargha you will certainly love to get into while roaming around best places to visit in Mumbai with a girlfriend.

Indian subcontinent witnessed the rise of Mughal Empower in the late 15th century, and the terrified Gujarat Sultanate (Bahadur Shah) entered into a treaty with the Portuguese with a view of check and balance strategy with Mughal Emperor Humayun. As per the treaty, the lands of seven islands were given to Portuguese. The Portuguese regime in these islands resulted in spectacular changes as they consistently tried to establish Roman Catholic orders by constructing magnificent churches and renaming the places. Thus the name “Bombaim” came into existence which later became “Bombay” till the recent change to Mumbai. In course of time, Bombay came to the hands of East India Company in 1668 and remained in the hands of British till Indian independence.


Places to visit in Mumbai:

1) Alibaug:

places to visit in Mumbai

If you’ve got a passion for a calm and peaceful atmosphere, Alibaug is the best place for you while going around places to visit in Mumbai. Alibaug is one of the popular tourist attractions of Mumbai with calm weather and coconut orchards. The place has adequate accommodation facilities with numerous hotels and comforts.

  • Special attractions: Alibaug is famous for its calm beach and majestic fort. You can fulfill your dreams of playing with water and enjoy the water sports here. Get into the marvelous fort of Kolaba around Alibaug and feel the historic rule of kings and monarch. Besides this, you will also like to roam around Brindavan farm, Under, and Kanakeswari forest.
  • How to reach: You can reach the Alibaug town by taking the roadways, or by train, or by waterways. Allbaugh is around 100 KM from Mumbai.

2) Gateway of India:

places to visit in Mumbai

Gateway of India is the most renowned landmark of Mumbai and a popular point of attraction for tourists. The place was constructed by the British in 1942 on the occasion of the royal visit of King George 5th and Queen Mary. The Gateway of India is located just in front of the Apollo Bunder shaped as a gorgeous royal gate symbolically standing as if to welcome the people from abroad into the lands of India and to bid a goodbye to its sons of the soil into the waterways of gigantic oceans.

  • Special attractions: The Gateway of India represents the mixed sculptor of Muslim and European structure with four turrets on the four sides. While in the front you can clearly see ships, motor vessels, and boats entering the other side in the Arabian Sea. As everybody does, you will also love to take a snap of yourself in front of the Gateway of India while on your trip to places to visit in Mumbai.
  • How to reach: The place is located at Apollo Bunder, Kolaba in Mumbai which in itself is a landmark for reference. You can reach Gateway of India through different means of local travels. The Gateway of India has a minimal entry fee to enter into the place. The Gateway of India is also a place to visit in Mumbai at night.



3) Mahabaleshwar:

places to visit in Mumbai

Mahabaleshwar is the famous hill station people long for spending the weekend and holiday moments. The place is located in Satara district of the State of Maharastra. The Mahabaleshwar is itself a beautiful city with strawberry fields all around. The magnificent sights of hill station enchant the visitors with its calm and peaceful atmosphere. You must include Mahabaleshwar in the list of your places to visit in Mumbai, else you will certainly regret.

  • Special attractions: You can find marvelous temples, green forests, valleys, and waterfalls in Mahabaleshwar. You will get spellbound to see the magnificent lake and experience the calm and quiet atmosphere. The popular point of attractions in Mahabaleshwar are Arthur’s seat, Panchgani, Elephant’s head point, Dhobi waterfall, Chinaman’s fall, and Venna lake.
  • How to reach: You can take a highway travel of around 210 KM to Mahabaleshwar with an agenda of going to this place to visit in Mumbai for 2 days.



4) Marine Drive:

places to visit in Mumbai

Marine drive is the most famous pathway in Mumbai also popularly known as “Queen’s Necklace” because of its splendid night sight.  The name Queen’s Necklace justifies itself when the night falls and the streetlights glow on top of numbers of street poles on the long pathway creating a visual impression of rows of pearls illuminating across the neck of the Queen. This is a perfect place to visit in Mumbai at night. People from all walks of life, after a daylong survival struggle, love to spend a while in every evening walking along the Marine Drive and gaily have a cup of tea or coffee from the roadside tea stall. Travelers, tourists, and merrymaking couples flock around the places or sit chatting facing the Arabian Sea. The long-lined and straightly arranged palm trees add to the beauty of the place and enhance enjoyment particularly during the sunset.

  • Special attractions: Especially in the evening before sunset, the Marine drive turns into a magnificent golden plateau on the waters of the Arabian Sea. This is one of the marvelous places to visit in Mumbai, and you will crave to spend considerable time here while tasting the Mumbai-special snacks and fast foods in the nearest restaurants and stalls. Another attraction of Marine drive is the nearby “Nana-Nani” park specially designed for elderly people. The excitement is accelerated if you come to this place to visit in Mumbai with a girlfriend.
  • How to reach: The marine drive is a very well-known place in South Bombay also a landmark in itself. It is just around 25 KM from Mumbai and you can reach the place by local travels from any sides of Mumbai.


5) Karjat:

places to visit in Mumbai

You must definitely include Karjat in your list of places to visit in Mumbai because this is the only one of its kind place in Mumbai to give you the adventurous experience of mountain climbing and river rafting. Karjat is a tiny town in Thane region of Maharashtra from where the fountain of Ulhas starts its journey of adventure. It’s a lovely place to spend holiday time with your family or friends and experience and enjoy the adventure of mountain climbing and river rafting along the waters of Ulhas with your family and friends. But this is not all that attracts hundreds and thousands of tourists and visitors. The Kondana caves comprised of 16 Buddhist caves with viharas and stupas, is a marvelous historic sight in Karjat. Besides this, you have Ulhas valley, Peth fort, and Bhor Ghat to spend sweet time with your family. However, if you are interested, take a chance to this place to visit in Mumbai in monsoon.

  • Special attractions: Rainy season water rafting is the main attraction of Karjat. You can find a big crowd of cheering groups alongside the riven Ulhas busy river rafting adventurously. Mountain climbing is one more avenue attracting hundreds of passionate climbers to Karjat from across the world. Besides this, you have all the arrangements of peaceful and easy stay facilities in the small town.
  • How to reach: You can get a high way travel of around 62 KM from Mumbai to reach Karjat.


6) Film City in Goregaon:

places to visit in Mumbai

Mumbai is the heart of commercial film entertainment and movie production for the Indian subcontinent. It is said to be the Hollywood of India. In fact, the film city of Mumbai is named “Bollywood” imitating the name of Hollywood and mixing with the name of Bombay the former name of Mumbai. If you happen to plan a site seeing a trip to places to visit in Mumbai you must not forget to this place to visit in Mumbai with a  girlfriend.

  • Special attractions: There are numbers of film-shooting studios with lots of artificial mountains, gardens, lakes, villages, towns, and maximum sites those we see in the films, all so perfectly created that you cannot make out its fakeness in the film city in Mumbai. The Mumbai film city is one of the biggest in the world.
  • How to reach: Film city in Mumbai is a famous place known to all. This is located at Borivali of Goregaon near Borivali National Park. You are required to go to the film city only during its scheduled time that is from 10 AM to 11.15 PM.


7) Kamshet:

places to visit in Mumbai

Take care not to forget Kamshet if you are planning for places to visit in Mumbai. It is an exciting hills station with wonderful atmosphere situated in the Western Ghats and famous for paragliding and flying schools.  If you are a lover of adventures then definitely you will choose this place for a fortnight holiday trip. You will be mesmerized by the extensive sunflower and paddy field particularly if you are a para-glider. You have other interesting avenues to explore your excitement in Kamshet which include caves, temples, lake, and hills. Enjoy the thrill of Kamshet while your trip to the best places to visit near Mumbai.

  • Special attractions: The world standard paragliding facilities are the main point of attraction in Kamshet. Besides this you have Pavana lake, Sindhe hills, Khandelwal temple, Bhairi cave, and Bhedsa caves make the place awesome and crazy.
  • How to reach: Kamshet is situated at 45 Km from Pune and 110 KM from Mumbai.


8) Worli Sea face:

places to visit in Mumbai

Worli sea face is the magnificent attraction of Mumbai also known as Rajiv Gandhi Sagar Setu which is a sea link from Bandra to Worli Island over the Arabian Sea. If you happen to go for places to visit in Mumbai you definitely should choose to feel the excitement of walking on the bridge amidst waves touching the road, particularly in monsoon. The sea link is so fabulous a site that most often filmmakers tend to shoot a few scenes on the link. Hundreds of people would be found jogging and walking every day even on rough weather at Worli sea face each morning and evening. Never forget to include this place to visit in Mumbai in monsoon.

  • Special attractions: The Worli Sea-face monsoon high tide waves touching the road is the thrilling attraction for locals as well as the tourists in Worli sea face. It looks like a natural beauty and gives you an adventurous excitement. People are also on the opinion that regular jogging on this site is much healthier than other common places. However, it is a place of a favorite hangout for people of all ages irrespective of gender across Mumbai as well as abroad.
  • How to reach: Worli Sea face is 15 KM from Mumbai and you can reach the place by available local transport.


9) H 20 – The Liquid Longue:

places to visit in Mumbai

Many do not know that famous film actor Sunil Shetty owns an H20 clubhouse in Mumbai with world-class dance and rhythm, and an upper stair marvelous restaurant. The food and beverages offered in this Longue compared to Rs. 2000/- for two is simply exciting and praiseworthy. If you are a trip to Mumbai and have an engagement which requires you to stay a couple of days, never miss a chance to pay a visit to Sunil Shetty’s restaurant. The Longue is comprised of two parts. The ground floor is exclusively for rhythm and dance while the upper floor for a pleasant and gorgeous food. As you climb up the staircase to the restaurant you will see water coming slashing down. When you look down you will find the floor made out of glass and you can clearly see people moving around under your feet on the floor. You will be really excited to get the experience.

  • Special attractions: You will really be amazed of the entire features of the liquid Longue and witness the same from entering the club to the finishing of your wonderful food comprised of H20 martini, Tennessee Brunette, and salty lips along with Achaari Murg Tikka,  Mutton kabab, and fish black bean dry.
  • How to reach: Hotel Royal Inn, Off link road, near Khar telephone exchange, Khar-Mumbai.


10) Chowpatty Beach:

places to visit in Mumbai

If you are regularly visiting Mumbai and have never been to Chowpatty Beach, you need to seriously consider to at least going once to this places to visit in Mumbai. You will have a completely new experience of the strange atmosphere in comparison to the attraction of other tourist places. Chowpatty beach is often crowded with hundreds of salesperson with hundreds of item, especially on Sunday. The Mumbai-stall-special Bhel Puri and Pav Bhaji can be located anywhere in Chowpatty beach along with chat centers every here and there. You must never miss a chance to visit the place on the occasion of Ganesh puja because this is the place where you get all sorts of toys, special seasonal raw mango, and roasted peanuts amidst a whole lot of sellers and buyers of countless items.

  • Special attractions: The main attraction of Chowpatty Beach is the experience of unorganized and crowd marketing on a busy beach. Besides that, the much-talked taste of bhelpuri and pav bhaji is also something to be tasted at list once in a lifetime.
  • How to reach: The Chowpatty Beach is located near to Marine drive towards the north.


11) Juhu Beach:

places to visit in Mumbai

The Juhu beach is a famous place not only for Mumbai but people in the Indian subcontinent have heard of. This is one of the largest beaches and inhabited with celebrities and people of high eminence and elite of the country. This also an eminent tourist place as visitors love to roam around Juhu beach because of availability of all types of stall foods beginning from street foods like Pani Puri, pav bhaji, bhelpuri etc. along with celebrated Italian foods like little Italy, Don Giovanni, and Mangi Ferra, Penne etc. On Sundays, the excitement grows with donkey and horse riding, monkey dancing and all sorts of exciting merrymaking. The famous “Gandhi Gram” of Mumbai has situated nearby the Northern Seashore.

  • Special attractions: The breezy atmosphere along with the variety of food available including seafood is the main point of attraction in Juhu beach. You can find people from all over the world as frequent visitors on the shore of Juhu. If you have a plan of getting to places to visit in Mumbai you should not forsake Juhu.
  • How to reach: Juhu beach is around 5 KM from Mumbai.


12) Dharavi:

places to visit in Mumbai

Dharavi, the largest slum in Asia is located in Mumbai. There is a general notion that slums in the urban cities are burning evidence of unprivileged, anti-social, poor people with hell lot of life living struggles. In case of Dharavi there are mixed phenomena of poverty all over the slum, but at the same time, it also houses the most creative, inspired and industrious mass of people who lead a rich living amidst poverty. A study reveals that Dharavi contributes around 1 billion dollars to the Mumbai economy. Dharavi is the third biggest slum in the world. There is a popular saying that if you do not get a specific thing in any market you give a try in Dharavi and you will get it.

  • Special attractions: As said earlier whatever you seek is available in Dharavi. The Dharavi pirated market is very famous in Mumbai.
  • How to reach: Dharavi is located around 9KM from Mumbai.


13) Haji Ali:

places to visit in Mumbai

Haji Ali is the magnificent tomb of famous Islam saint Pir Haji Ali Shah Bukhari constructed 500 yards from the shore in the Arabian Sea and built in 1431 AD by the Sultanate of Gujarat. The Haji Ali is not only a religious attraction for ages but also an archeological and architectural eminence even in the present era.

  • Special attractions: 10 to 15 people daily visit Haji Ali both from Muslim as well as non-Muslim communities and both for pilgrimage as well as on tourism. On Thursday, Friday, and Sunday the number of pilgrims increases to 20-30 thousand, and on Eid, Bakri, and Ramdhan the number increases to lakhs.
  • Haji Ali in itself the location in Mumbai at Haji Ali, Mumbai, Maharastra.


The bottom line of the entire discourse above is that the best places to visit in Mumbai go on increasing as you go on adding the places of attractions and eminence. And importantly, Mumbai,  day by day is growing with more new places of significance and new features.





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  1. Chowpatty beach is my most favorite place of Mumbai. I just love that place. Whenever i visit Mumbai I never forget to visit chowpatty. I have been there so many times just to eat chat puri, pav-bhaji, raw mango and budiya ke baal plus the environment is so different at there.

    Other places are also very good to visit in Mumbai but chowpatty has an extra-ordinary touch.

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