Trying to find the best events in Vietnam? This country is a must-visit for event enthusiasts! Colorful festivities, a lot of with a solid Chinese social influence, occur throughout the year; although one of the most intriguing ones take place in springtime and fall. Almost all accompany the lunar calendar. For a full list of festivals (including many region-specific occasions) as well as accurate dates

Near are the best festivals in Vietnam from point of view.

  • Jan/Feb, Tet: The first seven days of the Lunar New Year mark the most essential vacation in Vietnam (Tet Nguyen Dan), although just the very first 4 days are a national holiday.
  • Mar/Apr, Thanh Minh: This is a time when individuals go to the tombs of their forefathers to make special offerings.
  • May/June, Buddha’s Birthday celebration: Much better known as Vesak, this is a big day at holy places total with spiritual processions and ceremonies.
  • May/June, Tiet Doan Ngo: Summertime Solstice Day is observed by making offerings to spirits to ward off summertime upsurges. It is often celebrated with dragon-boat races.
  • Aug, Trang Nguyen: Wandering Souls Day is the second-largest event after Tet.

Sept/Oct, Trung Thu: The Mid-Autumn Event is a time for eating “moon cakes” full of nuts, seeds as well as egg yolks.


Children are offered lanterns in the shape of dragons, carps and also celebrities to play with.

Village celebrations

The best time to observe village events is after Tet, a word which itself indicates “celebration.” During the first 2 lunar months (February as well as March), most villages organize a fête of some sort. Family members will go to the village pagoda and also light incense to local divine beings and also their forefathers. Children play video games, swinging on giant bamboo swings or playing “human chess” with individuals or meter-high versions moving in between squares marked on a yard.

Villages near the Red River (Song Hong) in north Vietnam send out watercraft to collect ritualistic water to use to the water god, Ha Ba. One of the most amazing of these customs is when young men placed on the fancy outfits of the dancing lion and also dance vigorously amongst the revelers to the sound of beating drums. One of the most popular of these celebrations is the quan ho event at Lim village, near Hanoi. Here, young pairs sing love songs to each various other in a fertility rite to welcome the springtime, a time-honored tradition that returns to ancient times.

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