Adventurous Things to Do in India This Summer


As subcontinent, India is blessed with all types of terrain and natural wonders. Consequently, the country has something to offer for every tourist. With summer holidays just around the bend, you may be wondering how to enjoy these days. If you are a daredevil, there are several adventurous things to do in India this summer.

Here we list some of the best adventurous things to do in India this summer. We emphasize on summer because some of these locations are not accessible during other times of the year.

Best Adventure Trips in India

These adventure trips are for people with some experience in various adventure activities and enjoy great physical and mental health. Remember, your survival skills and endurance can be put to test during these adventurous outings.

Often, tour operators to some of these destinations will ask you to submit a medical report certifying you are physically capable of undertaking the adventure. If you qualify, try any of these adventurous things to do in India during the forthcoming summer.

Drive to Kongka La Pass (Jammu & Kashmir)

Kongka-La pass lies on the India-China international border, in Jammu & Kashmir. Only a rough gavel road connects Kongka- La pass to rest of India. It is located 5,191 meters Above Sea Level. The road is open only during summer. Despite, you will experience cooler temperatures during the drive.

The nearest airport, Leh, is about 200km away from Kongka-La pass. The rough road passes through steep mountains. Hence, the drive is not for persons scared of heights. Also, the rough road will test your best motoring skills.

What makes Kongka-La pass famous for adventures? The drive of course. And some trekking. But the area itself is home to a greater mystery. It is suspected to be a landing base for aliens. Indian and Chinese military personnel have reported and documented numerous instances of spotting Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs) and strange humanoid figures, believed to be aliens.

Zip Line Tours (Rajasthan, Punjab and West Bengal)

Any adventure aficionado will be aware of zip lining. For the uninitiated, zip lining is an adventure where you slide on a cable between two points. You have to slide down this cable, suspended only a pulley. The gravity pulls you down with full force.

This adventurous thing to do in India is not for the weak hearted or people suffering from acrophobia. Currently, zip lining adventures are available at Neemrana and Jodhpur in Rajasthan, which are both popular tourism destinations too. You can also indulge in zip lining at Kikar in Punjab- some 100km away from Chandigarh and the famous hill resort, Darjeeling, West Bengal.

Zip line tours are available from licensed operators only. This is very important since these operators have to comply with international standards of zip lining. Hence, they have highly qualified and experienced crew that will ensure your zip lining adventure is accident free.

Bhadra River Rafting (Karnataka)

You would definitely have seen foreign river rafting videos on various TV channels. Indeed, it is very adventurous. This summer, you too can indulge in this adventurous trip in India by river rafting on the river Bhadra.

If you are interested in this adventure, approach any top travel companies of India. They will offer a comprehensive package. It will effectively help to save bunch of amounts while traveling.

It is highly advisable to avail such packages from topmost travel agencies for two main reasons. River Bhadra is located quite away from the nearest city, Chikmagalur in Karnataka.  Secondly, these travel firms have tie-ups with local tour operators that have a skilled and experienced crew who conduct river rafting tours.

River Bhadra rafting can be fairly dangerous. It is very turbulent and passes through sharp rocks at various spots. There are also steep gradients. Hence, only highly experienced rafters can get you through.

Scuba Diving at Grande Island (Goa)

Are you adventurous enough to explore the mysteries of the ocean? Try scuba diving at Grande Island in Goa. In fact, this is one of the best adventurous things to do in India this summer. Scuba diving is very interesting provided you are not scared of water, know swimming and enjoy excellent health

There are a couple of reasons I rank these among the best adventurous things for summer. Firstly, beginners can take basic scuba diving courses at Grande Island. Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI) certified scuba divers will accompany you underwater and train you in basic diving skills.

You can also opt for higher level of courses from the same instructors. If it is possible to spend more time, you can get training that qualifies you to appear for PADI certification exams in India. Upon successful completion of these exams, you become a PADI certified scuba diver. This activity can also help you make big money.

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Haunted Forts, Palaces & Villages (Rajasthan)

Rajasthan, the land of kings is very popular tourist destination among Indians and foreigners. If you are looking for adventurous things to do in India this summer, plan a tour that takes you to some of the spookiest places of Rajasthan. In fact, legends of their hauntings are famous globally.

Top on your itinerary of your Rajasthan adventure tour should be Kudhara, a village near Jaisalmer. The entire village is now in ruins. Why? People of Kuldhara vanished mysteriously some years ago. Theories about this disappearance ranges from alien abduction to migration caused by water shortage. The place bears an eerie look even in bright daylight.

Bhangarh fort in Rajasthan is popular worldwide for its haunting. Ghosts of hermits, a princess and village folk can be seen moving around the village during daytime too. You may not immediately realize they are spooks till they vanish before your eyes, perch on high walls or perform other paranormal acts.

And to top it all up, visit the Rana Kumbh Palace near Chittorgarh. The palace now stands in ruins and is under preservation by Archeological Survey of India. You will hear shrieks and wailings of hundreds of women at any time of the day and especially after dusk. Legend has it that a Rajput queen and wives of nearly a thousand soldiers committed the ‘Sati’ ritual there by setting themselves ablaze. They lost their husbands in a bloody battle fought with Islamic invader, Aladdin Khilji.

Goricheng Peak Trekking (Arunachal Pradesh)

Arunachal Pradesh, located on India’s international border China is home to several mountains and peaks. The most picturesque among these is the Gorigheng Peak located nearly 6,500 meter above sea level.

For most part of the year, Goricheng has a snow and ice cap. However, you can trek to top of this peak during summer months- April and May. At this height, trekking can prove very difficult. However, you can connect with a group of other avid trekkers by joining a group tour from any reputed travel company. These companies send experienced local guides and mountaineers along with the group.

Despite being relatively warm during summer, you can come across temperatures that are as low as five degrees Celsius. This freezing weather, streams of molten ice and snow and the sheer altitude of the peak add to your adventure. You will also experience drop in oxygen levels as you trek upwards.

Stay at Hotel Savoy Mussoorie (Uttarakhand)

By any standards, staying at a plush hotel at a popular hill station does not qualify as adventurous things to do in India. Before you laugh your head off, here are some facts. Hotel Savoy ranks among the top most haunted hotels in the world. Investigators into paranormal phenomenon and scientists are unable to find any earthly explanation for these haunts.

According to legend, a woman named Lady Garnet Orme died in mysterious circumstances at this building in 1902. Since then, most people staying at the hotel have heard and seen very strange and inexplicable things that include sounds of a sobbing woman, unusual footsteps, shrieks and apparitions.

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In fact, the horror was the inspiration for celebrated English writer, Dame Agatha Christie, to write her first mystery novel entitled ‘The Mysterious Affair at Styles’ in 1919.

Investigators from Paranormal Society of India also recorded strange sounds and whispers at Hotel Savoy that originate from unknown and inexplicable sources. Consequently, even daredevils and adventure seekers are known to flee the hotel in haste after spending a few hours.

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Word of Caution

Daredevilry and indulging in an adventure is fine. However, ensure that you travel with other adventure seekers if you are embarking on such trips. Also, ensure you have no medical problems before departure. Never disobey instructions of tour operator crew since you may suffer injuries during an adventure.

Wrap Up

There is no dearth of amazing things to do in India. It all depends upon how you define ‘adventure’ and rthe isks you are willing tto ake. Indulging in adventures holds several psychological benefits for people, a growing number of research by respectable institutes indicates. At the same time, indulging in adventures can have disastrous physical and psychological effects on the weak hearted.

Hence, you too can try any of these adventurous things next summer.

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